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I bought my own cloth off ebay about $140 Malaysian tailoring cost about $350 so $500 give or take
Thanks all the for comments, seems that the pants are getting alot of attentions. I think i did wear them a little low. I would like some critic on what i might convey to the tailor next time i were to bespoke a part of trousers. As in what are the main characteristics of a fine bespoked pair. The brass buttons are for with jeans and casual shirt
Switched image providers do tell if they still dont show
im still very much clueless about pants, ill try posting direct links for the images and see if they show. That was the only tie color i had that compliment the suit, bought it years ago when i was much younger.
Been trolling the forums for awhile finally got around posting. As this suit is already done im here to see what should or should not have been done the next time i plan to commission a suit.This was made with the help of members on a Malaysian forum, many thanks to those who commentedi am currently studying at Melbourne Aus, but the suit was made in Malaysia before i left#cloth : Holland and sherry Dark navy blue , 12oz, s120*Single breasted*2 button*4 sleeve...
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