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Anyone wana swap a 257 for a 256? mine is tan
Keen on your APC's can you send me some pictures?
noted on the remarks, I sell construction goods for water proofing so the samples are about 6"x8mm x2" on average. the thing is i need to carry around a couple of them as well because of the various profiles.As for the laptop i might just get a 10" tablet instead. or just swap around a bit. the laptop is a non issue. i for see the bulk of what i would be carrying around would be the files and samples as well as stationary and a daily planner
Looking to get a study work bag to lug around Company product brochures, ill need to be able to carry at least 2 in the bag as well as simple stationary and some paper a 14" laptop and some product samples The brochures measure about 12"x1.5"x10" in a ring file format. Would the 256 or 257 be more appropriate for the above?
stll have ths mate?
Hey lads ive been planning to get a pair of APC's for awhile looking at the NS for the slim straight look, i wear a nudie Thin fin in w29 they are nicely fitted. What size NS should i get that would give me that nice fitted silhouette? No im not looking to go skinny.
Looking a pair of APC NS size 27-28 or Imperial Shearers 28-29 or nudies Grim tim RAW 28, N&F Skinny guy 29 if anyone is letting them go please PM me
Details on Naked & Famous Slim Guy raised denim, sz. 28 are they RAW? how long have they been used have you washed them etc Naked & Famous Slim Guy raised denim, sz. 28
Can someone recommend me a professional suit cleaner/launderer in the Melbourne CBD area? was caught in the rain the other day my sleeves and back are abit wrinkled up. And how much does it cost? -cheers
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