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Working with sex offenders, I don't want them to see my nips or chest hair. Wondering how many are masturbating thinking about me is bad enough!? I do not wear a tie as they can be used against me, so I wear colored undershirts that fit within the color scheme of my outfit.
One of my best fitting Alden's are the V-tip, Barrie in shell no. 8. They follow the contour of my feet more closely than any other leather I have on tap.
Can anyone tell me what the measurements are on a Fitzgerald sport coat 40R? I am looking for shoulder, waist (top button on a two button), sleeve length, and chest width. Thanks!
Well, my 9.5 not stows fit similar to Trubalance 9.5 but are more adjustable than my Alden shoes since they are a boot. They were a good choice.
I treat most of my calfskin with Saphir conditioner. There are others but it is a smart start for your first pair of quality footwear. Here is a link
I get mine tomorrow. I purchased a 9.5 (it said US 10D on the site). I hope they fit since I wear a 9.5 the Trubalance/Barrie lasts and normally a slightly wide 10D in everything else.
I am relatively new here too (@ 9 mos.) and already things have improved dramatically, sartorially speaking. One thing you will want to really spend time researching is proper fitting shoes. They are not cheap, feel different than the shoes most people wear, and fit can be very challenging if your feet are different sizes. Good luck and have fun!
^ Yep. Do like that jacket.
Brooks Brothers Milanos are nice. I recently purchased two pair from Steve Smith at half the cost you mentioned. They fit nice and slim without being restrictive.
I agree. Now if only I can find a shoe that fits.
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