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price points?
How did you get an appointment with MG? Just call the shop and schedule a fitting? In Brooklyn? Price points? I was under the impression you needed to be someone (ie Mayor Mike) or know someone to get in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullb Sorry I just have A3 120 TDi black phantom. had a 2.0T A3 black w/ titanium on order but after waiting 4 months just couldn't sit around any longer - couldn't be happier with the R32 and saved a boat load of $$$. either way, great taste all around - great minds must think alike.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullb I see you and raise you 1... Vintage Tissot, BB shirt, Mabitex pants, Zegna jacket, Saks gloves, Candy White VW R32
in for 6. thanks for the 30% off code.
Was there today. Outerwear was in the $2-3K range less 60%. They only had 3 or 4 jackets/suits in each style and most were EU 52 or 54. The outerwear was really the most memorable - great great fabrics and styles.
I like the idea, but I can't see spending 20 grand on that Columbia program. For maybe 5 or 10 grand more you could complete your MBA online from a second tier state school - such as UMass Amherst. MBA is much more marketable and should provide a much better education than a 2 week course anywhere.
William Sonoma (also good at Pottery Barn locations) - $148.55 - Selling for $125 Gap (also good at Banana Republic and Old Navy) - $90.10 - Selling for $75 Gap (also good at Banana Republic and Old Navy) - 43.40 - Selling for $35
2 year old thread revival...u've got to be kidding me...
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