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I am reviving this thread. Can anyone suggest a good website for business cards and the best business card font? Thanks.
Although it is not black, it is dark enough that it may suit your taste. I am selling it on eBay for a very cheap price since I need to get rid of it. It may not be what you are looking for but I will provide the link anyway: Thanks.
I would very much appreciate some advice on what brand/type of sports jacket I should look for that would best fit my measurements. Chest: 37" Shoulders: 20"- 20.5" Sleeve: 34" Neck: 15.5" Waist: 33" Weight: 146 pounds Height: 6' For reference, here is a picture: Attachment 4021 Thanks very much!
Here's the new link:
Thanks for the replies. And thank you for the person who commented that to everyone else (outside the SF world) will think they look fine. And thanks for asking about shoulder size. Is this just the measure around my shoulders, parallel to the ground, at their broadest point? I really wish that jackets were sold in shoulder size instead of chest size. I am keeping jackets 3 and 4 and selling all the others. Keep in mind I got jacket 3 for $11 shipped and 4 for under...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel You probably should have just purchased one decent used jacket for the price of the 5. Yes, I understand that. But I have a great deal of difficulty finding used sport jackets that fit me, especially on eBay, since my chest is about a 38 and my waist about a 33 yet I have broad shoulders. So I usually go for a slim fitting 40r when I get one OTR. Don't get me wrong, if I need a jacket for anything...
I am definately going to sell 5, but does anyone think I can pull off 3 and/or 4?
Since I am going to see these jackets, do you think I should bother posting any of these in the Bull/Sell forum (rather than eBay)? I don't know if they would attract any interest...
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