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Also a nice shirt, but quite a bit pricier. Thank you though.
Is this in stock? If not, any chance of getting a restock? http://luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-pink-white-gingham
Bump... Would like to order some albini before the promo ends 😃Thanks!
What is an end on end fabric like? Would it make for a good OCBD? Also, would it work well under a sweater? @luxire when does the promo end?
what shirt is that?
any plans to do more sales on linen?
ooops..... your post says which collars you got...
yeah shipping costs are kind of weird and some fairly high for anything...
Could anybody PM me the AD they used in Europe to purchase their JLC at a discount?
when does the VBC pants promotion end? could we have until tomorrow night... not sure ill have a chance to order today
New Posts  All Forums: