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Can we send in a shirt to have copied for custom?
thanks! so the hem is flat? or rounded?
Any suggestions on how much shorter a popover should be than a regular shirt (with a dress hem)?
Quick question: One of my shirts from luxire is hemmed so the center portion of the shirt (where the buttons are) at the bottom is much longer than the sides. Would it be possible to leave the length at the sides the same, but shorten the center portion by 1/2'' so that curvature of the hem isn't as extreme? Or would this look weird?
Interesting... so the length is a bit shorter, as is the bottom measurement? Is that if you want to wear them untucked?
Ah, I was referring to comparing it to a button down linen shirt I was going to use for measurements. If I like the fit of the shirt, would it be a good idea to request the same in a pop over?
Thanks for the advice. Measurements need to be different for a popover?
Any help is appreciated as I'd like to order soon
I placed an order for a button down and a popover, I'm wondering what are the best collar styles to with for each (style, lining, fusing)? Could anybody offer any advice?
What collar (type, fusing, lining) should i get for a button down and a popover in linen?
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