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I'm looking at a Exp I 114270 and I have a few questions: 1) Where should I buy from? The only place I know of so far is David SW 2) Worth buying a new old stock? Or go for a used one? 3) Anything else I should know?
I hope this can get done!
Sorry, one more question. For an OCBD, any specific lining / fusing I should specify? This will be worn w/o a tie always in a business casual setting. It'll also be worn under a lot of sweaters
What collar would go best with an end on end shirt? BD, NOBD II, etc...? Thanks!
I guess I will... Thoughts on a collar? Bd?
anybody try the albini end on end?
Any thoughts on Rolex explorer 1 vs Sinn 556?
any recommendations on what collar to go with for an end on end fabric? the shirt will be worn w/o tie... I thought about BD, but I'm hoping there are other choices that will look good
For a university stripe Oxford, ocbd or nobd 2?
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