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the sale runs through the end of tomorrow?
any thoughts on a collar for striped oxford? will exclusively be worn in a CBD environment with no tie
Any plans for the new polos in more colors?
can you get a lavender linen?
Any luck on getting a lavender linen or linen/cotton shirt fabric?
any christmas sale?
Only items that say "Final Sale" can't be returned correct? Prices with a line through them, can be?
Is cxl pretty durable?
I'd like to order a pair of Carmina from skoak, but I'm unsure of sizing. If it doesn't work out, anybody have any experience returning from the US?
Yeah that was my guess but I'm not sure where to try on except to order them from Carmina and ship them back if they don't work out.Any thoughts?Well I naturally wear insoles and would like to wear them in these as well.Is it possible to take out that piece of foam/cushioning that I believe Carmina uses? I don't believe it's structural, only related to the comfort. Let me know if I'm wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: