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ooops..... your post says which collars you got...
yeah shipping costs are kind of weird and some fairly high for anything...
Could anybody PM me the AD they used in Europe to purchase their JLC at a discount?
when does the VBC pants promotion end? could we have until tomorrow night... not sure ill have a chance to order today
ah sorry, the original cutaway roma collar on the popover posted a page or two back that you modeled your collar off of
Thanks for the help. For your version, does it look exactly the same unbuttoned (adjusting for proportions)? I'm new to specifying collars...
Is this a summer flannel (didn't know such a thing existed)? - http://custom.luxire.com/collections/vitale-barberis-canonico/products/vitale-barberis-canonico-flannels-grey-vbc_599_101_3Appropriate for year round wear in a moderate climate like California?
I recently ordered a popover and really like this collar. Do you think it would look wierd on somebody with a small neck (14.5-15") with the exact dimensions in the spreadsheet?
Can we send in a shirt to have copied for custom?
thanks! so the hem is flat? or rounded?
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