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Thanks, but I only see that duties are the responsibility of the buyer for US customers.
Sorry forgot to mention I'm in the US
I'm itching to make some orders for shirts and pants, but I'm waiting for some clarification on the customs issues. Haven't heard too much except that they are working on it. Any body have any experience / feedback?
Just saw this thread and website. Looks like good stuff at good prices. Question about returns though: you will refund the return shipping cost for US customers?
Can't comment as to sizing but I am / was pretty disappointed with my white one. It is pretty thin and transparent, especially in the sun.I don't wear it very often due to having to wear an undershirt with it (defeats the purpose of a polo).
Any shrinkage in the linen shirts?
anybody notice a large amount of pulls (threads coming out) of the linen shits? i bought one and haven't even worn it I notice a lot of them
Any comments on the relaxed linen cotton pants?
I feel like the regulars are fairly similar to the 505s, but I'm no expert on jeans.Can anybody comment in the cotton cashmere sweaters?
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