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not sure if this has been asked, but where is your stuff made?
Are these linens going to be available for OTR?
perfect, thanks! one last question about returns - I'm not sure if I am misreading but are returns covered by you, or by us?
Will the flannels shrink? Or the new ocbds? Also, any customs or duties when shipping to the US?
Ya any sort of linen!
are any of the lighter color polos see through? I have the white which is like that and am hoping to avoid any more...
The purple and the white grape are awesome... Do you happen to know what the new MSRP is on those?
OTR Linen pants would be awesome!
if i send in a shirt to copy, are there any return shipping costs for the new shirt or the one i had copied? i am based in the USA also, this is the address to send the shirt to, correct (i ask because i thought it used to be in New Jersey): 17146 NE Sandy Blvd. c/o INP-CQKC Portland Oregon 97230 Tel: 503-914-6317
any recommendations?
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