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How are people getting the tattersall? Was there another tote email since the snow cone/ginghams? *EDIT*: Oh, it's on the website. D'oh.
rennavate: the AD M is definitely looser than the Epaulet M. They're closer after a warm wash on the AD... shoulders about the same, but AD has more room in the chest and slightly shorter sleeves. Epaulet shirts also have the lower back darts which leaves me with loose fabric on the upper back and a tighter fit around my love handles waist. Both shirts are great but for now I'm more comfortable in the AD. Back to your regularly scheduled programming... TOTE TOTE TOTE...
Yeah, I wear Medium in Epaulet and Medium in AD. Sized up BD should be similar to your Epaulet but with longer sleeves.
Let's see some fit pics of the other shirts!
ok cuh. Best I can do right now...
yes, you can.
I received my melon gingham today. The fabric is ridiculous. So soft. I hope there are more tencel shirts coming... I'm considering ordering the other gingham now. Thanks for your sizing advice, Mauro. It's perfect after a wash like you predicted. Next time send my tote too.
Thanks for your response, Mike. I didn't mean to insinuate that anything is wrong with the quality of the trousers. I love everything I've gotten from Epaulet and I was just disappointed to see a tear in my favorite dress pants.
I wore mine something like 6-8 times. I had someone look at mine and to make it look like right would require reweaving and would probably cost more than a new pair.
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