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I was wondering the same thing, so I called today and ordered what I believe was the last pair of French Blue 34's.
Mauro, you should have a blurb about the 2 shirt fits, and separate the 2 on the page so you don't have to put your mouse over each one to see if it's AD or BD. Also it doesn't look like there's place to put the toteholder code in the cart. Do we need a login now? Site is slick though.
Just a heads up... works, but doesn't.
That dippin dots shirt is tempting. Anyone have one? How does it fit?
Who sells these?
Aw. I literally had a dream about wearing this shirt a few days ago but it was gone by the time I woke up!I'm coming up to NYC in May... starting to put aside money for visiting Epaulet now.
Nice! And a new seersucker shirt, looks like...
Can't wait for that shit...
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