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Key hook from zissou in the back pocket, attached to a belt loop so I know I won't lose it.
Let's see some pics of these! i think there was someone else who mentioned getting them.
Anyone know of any stores in NYC that stock E widths? Thinking about a shell LWB.
Will the J. Lo crotch-wrap oxford chinos be restocked? They better be, and hopefully in time for my NYC visit at the end of this month.
Just received 4 shirts... light blue, navy, peach V necks and slate crew. The peach is smaller than the rest... tighter chest, arms, and shorter. Great color though.
Looking forward to the linen chambray. Tempted to order something else in the mean time... my WvG are my most comfortable shirts. Hope you have some totes ready Mauro, because I never got mine.
Nice. How are we looking for the linen chambray? Another week or 2?
I *think* he said they were expecting more to arrive, but I could be wrong. Maybe call up the Brooklyn store and see if they have some.
You talking about these?
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