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Impromptu lifestyle/work shot for the shirt contest: Epaulet linen star shirt
Just placed my first birthday order. Mauro, any hints on what's dropping this month? Also, SEND MY TOTE and an extra placket button with this order please.
Got my #8 longwings from NRO today. I'm definitely the first to try them on, they fit, they look great, and they were $516. Thanks again to whoever posted this deal.
Mauro, it wasn't included in the survey, but this coat is fucking awesome: [[SPOILER]]
Do you want the shoe because you want the shoe, or do you want it just because of the discount? ^ Good point though...
Hehe. I feel like if they're not going to give them to us, faster shipping probably won't fool them. My order status is "Being Assembled".
I'm pretty sick of plaid but the plumfetti looks really nice!
Woo, thanks! Picked up a pair of #8 longwings.
Hehe. These creased a little quicker because they're too long for me, but these will crease anyway. Doesn't effect wear or anything.
I think he's just comparing it to the price for tote holders.
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