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After Dinner tencel gingham.
What's up with that jacket in the homepage slider?
Would it be possible to shorten the sleeves of the Eisenhower? I have no experience with altering outerwear.
Yeah, decided to go for it right after I made that post... looking forward to it.
Anyone else that's picked up the sweaters willing to share some pics / thoughts?
Digging the Dylan Boelte thing on tumblr. Are those the natural CXL brixton boots he's wearing?
The email from NRO about this coupon said Alden is excluded. Given their history I'd be even more hesitant to use it.
Well, there's a bit of copy on each individual shirt page. The BD says "fitted" and the AD says "lower arm holes, more chest room and a slim shoulder". I was saying on the top level shirting page, a paragraph describing AD (slim?), BD (extra slim? skinny?) and picnic (short sleeve, same fit as BD?) so you don't have to click on a shirt to find out. I'd also suggest making the font size bigger for the navigation menu and especially the footer links. You're on...
There really needs to be a blurb about the different shirt fits on the site.
"The maximum number of uses of the discount have been exceeded"
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