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This thread is lacking in customer photos, so here is my natural key chain at about 2.5 months:
What's the actual waist size? Have you soaked/washed these?
Do sanforized jeans end up shrinking at all at the inseam? I have a new pair of N&F slim guys that I'm going to get hemmed. Should I soak/wash them first?
Bill Hallman in Atlanta (and online) has some N&F for $99: http://billhallman.com/nakedandfamous.aspx Just picked up the black slim guys at the Buckhead location.
Quote: Originally Posted by Respect21 I can vouch for the quality of the keyhooks. Amazing for the price. Incredibly fast shipping as well. Agreed. Just received mine today.
To change the timezone go here: http://www.styleforum.net/profile.php?do=editoptions and scroll down.
Those keyhooks look great. I'll PM you soon to figure out what I need.
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