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AD is not darted.
I have a red Justin Chino size 34 that doesn't fit. Would trade for any chino size 35-36 or a Medium AD / Large BD shirt.
All Sid Mashburn branded shoes are made by Alfred Sargent.
Here's a $10 gift card to LL Bean that I'll never use: 2000054691211857924 PIN: 4387
Whoops, should've sized up on the chinos. Doesn't look like there's anything to let out in the seat. They're really nice, though.
How about wide sizes?
Mauro, ship my chinos with the shirt please! (orders 2044 + 2047)
Where should we direct feedback?
Anyone have the PTB in 8.5 they'd like to trade for a 9?
Will be returning my oxford as well. 5'8 170lb, wear M in the t shirts but the sleeves were too tight around the biceps. Could use a little taper at the hips too. Fabric is pretty decent... feels thinner but softer than Uniqlo.
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