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Quote: Originally Posted by hamm23 p.s. I'm a 9 in Clark's desert boots and a 10 in Jack Purcells, should I go with a 9.5 in LL Bean? yes. I'm an 11 in purcells and a 10 in Clarks DBs. Got the blucher moccs in 10.5 as a holiday gift and the fit is spot on.
anyone have the Duluth Standard daypack? like it? looks pretty tough...
TACO -- there are a few UK sellers recommended in this thread:
if you want the best deal on a Barbour, DON'T get it J. Crew (or Orvis either)... you can save $100 or more by buying one from a UK seller, even with the shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state Also, how is the sport shirt sizing compared to J Crew shirting or something similar? ESF sport shirt sizing is definitely slimmer than J.Crew. I wear a small in J.Crew but a small BB ESF is too tight in the shoulders and chest. I'd say the sport short sizing is similar to RL Rugby button-downs.
so has anyone picked up any of the sports shirts in boys size XL? would be very interested in measurements (i know there's a size chart on the BB site, but I'd be interested in actual pit-to-pit and length measurements). there's some nice shirt options, and that 3 for $99 (plus corporate discount) is pretty tempting.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Oh, the grey on the website doesnt seem to have it: the grey has the tab collar as well. it might be hard to see in the picture, but it's there.
lots of new arrivals on the website posted last night. that chamois shirt mentioned above, bunch of new jackets/sweaters, some filson stuff, etc.
I tried on some of the new ESF sport shirts in small, and I think they're definitely tighter in the chest than a J. Crew small. If a J. Crew small is a little tight, you may need a medium in the Brooks ESF. I'd definitely recommend trying them on if you can.
actually, there's been a fall/winter 2010 thread for a few months. someone started it when the first previews hit:
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