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Hey atlr, I found them to be slim and short, too. I took a medium in the workshirt and ended up going with a large in both the crew and the hoodie. Based on the looseness of the weave I'm expecting a little bit of stretch.
Rich green wool overshirt in size L from Frank Leder's latest release. This was kind of an impulse buy, picked it up to use up a credit but I'm realizing it doesn't quite fit me. Trim cut, flapped chest pocket. Described as an overshirt, but you could definitely wear this over a t or thermal. The true beauty of this shirt is in the material, especially the tone of the green. You really need to see it in person to get a full appreciation (yeah, I know it's cliché). ...
Is there anyone who owns a well-washed size L workshirt from this year who wouldn't mind sharing p2p and shoulder measurements? Curious as to the sizing after a little bit of shrinkage has set in...
Waist actually wasn't the problem for me (normally 32 or 33, depending on brand). My issue was not enough give in the thighs/knees. Had to have the waist taken in on the 34's but they're much better in the legs.
I was skeptical about the NyCo material as well but I really like it. I think the nylon adds some sturdiness (as well as some water resistance, as I found out) without making the pants feel weird or synthetic, which is what I was worried about. There's a very slight slubbiness to them, but nothing that would make you think twice. I am curious to see if the material changes at all after a wash.I will say that they don't have as much "give" as cotton would. I originally...
I noticed that Inventory is selling a wool version of the gym pant. Does this mean there is a wool version of the gym crew or pullover floating around out there? I've only seen cotton... http://store.inventorymagazine.com/collections/latest-arrivals/products/gym-pants-navy-wool
Hey rydenfan, when you say wash and dry to shrink a bit, do you mean a full wash on hot and dry on high heat? Or did you go with a less severe method? How much shrinkage do you think you got in the chest and shoulders? More than an inch?
Anyone have any experience with trying to shrink the work shirts? How much shrinkage can I expect? I'm feeling like they are a little long...
Hey Greg and Kyle, any info on when the new Niche stuff might drop? Looking forward to seeing what they've cooked up for the cold months. Also, anyone who is having thoughts about unloading their Niche army shirt jacket from last winter in size XL - do not hesitate to PM me.
Does anyone know of a good proxy service in Paris that will make a purchase in-store and ship to the US? I've consulted old threads but have come up with nothing so far. Any input would be appreciated.
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