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Anyone come across this sweater in the US? New to Kapital and I don't want to take a flyer on an overseas proxy purchase before I get a better sense of the way the brand fits...
Hey @NickPollica, regarding the Ollie cable knit, I may have missed this before but were there any stores besides Unionmade that stocked the navy?
Does anyone know if any store besides Unionmade picked up the Ollie cable knit in Navy?
Oh no, just Woolrich. Those Cabourn parkas are amazing but I can't justify the splurge...for now. But yes, it was the hope that the ten-c could replace the Woolrich. It certainly has the look of something that could brave a cold winter and from what I see on various sites it is certainly being sold as such. Disappointed to hear that is not the case.
Thanks for your reply. So I guess this thing won't be replacing my arctic parka. What about the new hooded down liners? Anyone have any experience with those?
Can anyone comment on the actual warmth of the various liners? I was just gifted the deck jacket with the shearling liner, and while the whole package looks undeniably cool I'm feeling a little skeptical. The shearling just seems too thin (as compared to other shearling jackets I've felt) to have any serious insulating value in conditions below, say, 40 degrees. And does anyone know the fill rating on the down they use? I know, I know, this isn't a purely technical...
I went with the breton, and you pretty much just nailed my usual issues with traditional bretons. Eagerly anticipating my order to see how it works out for me.
@NickPollica - Not usually a stripes guy but I was inspired to pick up the striped cotton t-shirt after seeing how you styled it in your Matera shots. What kind of shrinkage should I expect from a cold wash/hang dry? Do you guys pre-wash?
Hey, short answer to this is yes. Many tailors can do this kind of work, although if what you need is complicated you are much better off searching for some who specializes in knit alterations. I have had knits slimmed down, bodies shortened, neck holes enlarged. A google search will probably yield the results you are after. PM me if you are interested in a rec for a specialist in the NYC area.
Reeeeeally liking the look of this Kaptain Sunshine drop. Two questions. One, do the vests have pockets? And two, can you please provide the leg opening measurement for a size 34 in the Steve pant? Actually, one more question, what are the straps on the inside of the melton wool traveller coat for?
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