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Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you but I'm not looking to sell a liner jacket, I'm looking to buy one.
Anyone want to unload a liner jacket in the brown herringbone, size M? I am in the market....
Apologies if this has been asked and answered numerous times in the past, but does anyone know if the EG sold in Japan is cut to the same measurements as the stuff sold in the US? Was considering buying a few things by proxy but I want to know what I'm getting into.
Nepenthes NY does carry a few selected Montbell pieces. Maybe give them a call and see if they can help out.
Had a chance to stop by Nepenthes and peep some of the new stuff. Not a ton in yet but I like what I'm seeing. The printed Baker jackets are REALLY nice in person; the pictures on the site do them no justice whatsoever. I would buy in a heartbeat if they were my style. The driver jacket is very short, so much so that I was showing some t-shirt. They were out of the size up so I couldn't try it. I also really liked the light parkas, but I was disappointed to learn...
Gym crew and hoodie also seemed slim and short to me so I sized up, but the knit is loose so there will be some stretch...your best bet is just to try it and see how you like the fit.
Hey atlr, I found them to be slim and short, too. I took a medium in the workshirt and ended up going with a large in both the crew and the hoodie. Based on the looseness of the weave I'm expecting a little bit of stretch.
Rich green wool overshirt in size L from Frank Leder's latest release. This was kind of an impulse buy, picked it up to use up a credit but I'm realizing it doesn't quite fit me. Trim cut, flapped chest pocket. Described as an overshirt, but you could definitely wear this over a t or thermal. The true beauty of this shirt is in the material, especially the tone of the green. You really need to see it in person to get a full appreciation (yeah, I know it's cliché). ...
Is there anyone who owns a well-washed size L workshirt from this year who wouldn't mind sharing p2p and shoulder measurements? Curious as to the sizing after a little bit of shrinkage has set in...
Waist actually wasn't the problem for me (normally 32 or 33, depending on brand). My issue was not enough give in the thighs/knees. Had to have the waist taken in on the 34's but they're much better in the legs.
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