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If anyone has the red plaid workshirt from fw14 in a size L and wants to get rid of it, hit me up! Or if you are on the fence about keeping it, hit me up! Or even if you really like it but might like some cash in your pocket a little more, seriously, hit me up!
I am still on the hunt for the red plaid workshirt from last year in size large, very willing to pay. I also have the light denim 19th century and the chambray western shirt (both in size L) from ss15 that I can offer for trade. Also looking for the blue primaloft liner vest from fw14, also in size large.
Thanks, I'll give them a shout!
Anyone know where I can pickup some olive ripstop fatigue shorts in medium? Slept too long, can't find them anywhere.
Still looking for FW14 red plaid workshirt in size L I have an ss15 western shirt in chambray in size L that I can trade (also willing to let it go for a decent price).
Hey, can I ask where you were able to get your hands on this? Would they sell fabric at surplus stores? I've been trying to find reverse sateen and ripstop fabrics too, as well has good chambray.
Interesting, thanks for the insight. I'll have to step up my search.
Those look really promising. I'm personally looking for fabrics in a lighter color, so I'll check out the site. Thanks for the tip.And thank you to everyone else who chimed in on my question.
Hey everyone, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I live in the New York area and am wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy workwear type fabrics. I'm on the hunt for thick oxfords and slubby chambrays with a lot of visual interest - think Engineered Garments, Orslow, ts(s), 45rpm, etc. Is there any place in or around the tri-state area that is known for these types of shirtings? Or any online purveyors that I should be looking at?
Hey, apologies if this has been asked and answered many times in the past, but does anyone know where the fabrics that Daiki uses come from? Are these proprietary fabrics that he has woven for his use or is his team just going out and sourcing materials from wherever they can find it? I've been wanting to have some shirts made up in chambrays and denims, but in my limited searches the cloth I find never seems to display the same character as the stuff that EG uses.
New Posts  All Forums: