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Figured I'd throw this out there again: Looking for red plaid workshirt from FW14 in size large. Also looking for ss daytons in navy, chambray or maybe blue seersucker, also large.
Any plans to stock larger sizes? I need something akin to an XL to fit my gargantuan noggin.
The only one I've used is Stylistics, but never had any issues. I was actually thinking about putting an order in when I saw that the this year Daytons were Japan-only, but it looks like they only go up to medium.
Are you against using a proxy service? I've done it myself on four occasions and I've never had any problems.
Looking for ss dayton shirts in navy, chambray or possibly blue seersucker. Usually a large but I've heard they can run small so considering XL as well. Willing to pay, but also have blue chambray western and light blue denim 19th century available for trade, both in large.
Yes, its the one in the back of this pic from NNY's site:
Document down fishtail - are we talking Woolrich arctic parka levels of warmth? Intrigued by the indigo-dyed version. Will there be much crocking/color transfer?
It was actually the maker's suggestion that I look around for other options. They didn't have the usual book of leather swatches on hand, their offerings were just stacks of hides. My experience with custom shoes is limited to only a small handful of trunk shows so I really enjoyed getting to see the leather in this state up close, but as I said the options were limited.Thanks for the suggestions, I will check out AA Crack. The boots will essentially be a copy of a pair...
Can anyone pint me in the direction of where to find quality leather or suede in Manhattan? I am having a pair of boots made and I don't really care for the limited leather options that the maker has on offer
If anyone has the red plaid workshirt from fw14 in a size L and wants to get rid of it, hit me up! Or if you are on the fence about keeping it, hit me up! Or even if you really like it but might like some cash in your pocket a little more, seriously, hit me up!
New Posts  All Forums: