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I noticed that Inventory is selling a wool version of the gym pant. Does this mean there is a wool version of the gym crew or pullover floating around out there? I've only seen cotton... http://store.inventorymagazine.com/collections/latest-arrivals/products/gym-pants-navy-wool
Hey rydenfan, when you say wash and dry to shrink a bit, do you mean a full wash on hot and dry on high heat? Or did you go with a less severe method? How much shrinkage do you think you got in the chest and shoulders? More than an inch?
Anyone have any experience with trying to shrink the work shirts? How much shrinkage can I expect? I'm feeling like they are a little long...
Hey Greg and Kyle, any info on when the new Niche stuff might drop? Looking forward to seeing what they've cooked up for the cold months. Also, anyone who is having thoughts about unloading their Niche army shirt jacket from last winter in size XL - do not hesitate to PM me.
Does anyone know of a good proxy service in Paris that will make a purchase in-store and ship to the US? I've consulted old threads but have come up with nothing so far. Any input would be appreciated.
Can you post measurements?
Adding my vote for the suede harrington in a classic color - medium or dark brown, or maybe dark grey or navy.
I can't speak for everyone else, but mine came directly from IM. I had the hope that it would settle down with some wear but that has not been the case. Unless I'm mistaken, this only seems to be a problem in the Arans. This picture actually does a pretty good job illustrating the issue. See the puff at the shoulder?
Hey gdl, do you have any insight into the "pirate shirt" issue some folks were talking about? It sounds like the knits you carried didn't suffer from this problem. Is this something you had to address with IM?
Interesting. I'm going to explore some options. Guessing it's not an inexpensive operation... RE: your cardigan not being full pirate, do you think that is a result of a request on the part of the NMWA guys? Whenever I read that x item has been "expressly made" for an individual store, I always wonder how far their specifications would actually deviate from the house model, if at all.
New Posts  All Forums: