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Hey, I've noticed that more than a few people have specifically asked for "old label" stuff. I'm pretty new to the brand, can anyone kindly illuminate the differences between the older seasons and the newer ones? Is it simply a matter of fit? Are there other factors at play?
I've been in to NNY a few times in the past month or two and the stuff they have up on their site is definitely not indicative of what is actually on their racks, sometimes with as much as two weeks between receiving and posting. I would definitely contact them if you have questions about a specific item.
FYI, just went by Odin in New York and they still have a handful of good stuff in random sizes. Saw a couple navy field parkas and navy reversible coats on the rack.
All sold. I also have the Liner Jacket in brown herringbone wool in size L and I'm not 100% satisfied with the fit, so I'd possibly be willing to trade if the right item came up. Still interested in the following:olive cruiser shirt from ss11 in size xl (heard they run small)red/yellow work shirt from this past f/w in size Lf/w 14 olive field jacket size Lf/w 14 liner vest in olive or navy size L
Just recently started buying EG and I went a little nuts before realizing I'm more of a large than a medium. So, I have a number of items from this past f/w that I am looking to trade or sell (sorry for poor picture quality) [[SPOILER]] Work Shirt in red/navy/blue, size M (nwot)Work Shirt in navy/green/blue/yellow, size M (nwot)Liner Jacket in brown herringbone wool, size M (worn once)CPO in olive corduroy, size M (never worn, with tags)Fatigues in olive nyco reverse...
No sweat, thanks for the insight.
Hey eluther, are you talking about the vest or the jacket? I didn't see any buttons on the vest from the pics online...are they on the inside?
Thanks, eluther. Did you try the size down? I ask because there is nowhere around me to try on at this point, and I'm skeptical of the chest measurements that I've read online - it looks the sides don't even come up to armpit level, so a p2p measurement wouldn't be accurate.
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the liner vest? Take your usual EG size? How much can you layer underneath?
Yeah, typically a 42R. And yes, all depends on how you want to wear it. But I think the large is your best bet as long as your pants are also suitably paired. Skinny jeans probably need not apply.
New Posts  All Forums: