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Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch nice shirt!
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot thinkderm - great looking stuff! When do you expect to have the next batch up and running? +1 we need more edward green shoes!
Anyone with any input on where to buy croc or gator skins direct in new orleans or surrounding suburbs or cities within an hour or two drive? Any stores or warehouses or tanneries? Thanks SF!
when will you drop the pricing on the EGs? Saw these on ebay but the reserve was set too high.
all of the numbers will not wear off with use as they are on the arch, and that part of the shoe never touches ground.
these are very affordable used shoes. I will ask my son if he likes this pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek I finally got the tobacco suede that I was looking for. I'm happy . Now I have a new favorite jean shoe. where did you get the tobacco suede and for how much? thinkderm?
the belts are best!
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty +1 I got the same warning viral's photos have viruses?
Any insight as to where these shoes are coming from?
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