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Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Cat piss free: nice - sizing?
@fishball - wowza
they look niceand are nice
What is the best method of shipping shoes with insurance and tracking from the UK to the US? Speed is not a factor... I've had shoes shipped from parcelforce for 15 great british pounds via thin red line (2 pairs for 15 quid in the same box) all other shoes i've purchased have not paid more than 20 GBPs for shipping per pair of shoes - shipped and insured with tracking. any suggestions? thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 They have a Royal Warrant for knits. And I'd imagine their tailored goods are very decent. does that mean much?
they are great, but best to go bespoke there!
carmina is back in barcelona? awesome!! bel & cie is the best store there - they sell edward greens, longhi belts and other sweet stuff
would be nice to see a fleur de lis! also, for true shoe medallion lovers - check ugolini! suitorial has a bunch of their shoe medallions in the ugolini visit they did a couple months ago
sea turtle
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny beautiful finish on these - Carmina are cordovan masters truth
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