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I pick:Whiskey PTB (if I have to pick one rare shell model)Black cordovan unlined PTBBrown suede LWB on commandoIf I had to pick one untouchable model, it would be the cigar chukka.
NST boot.
I think the closed heel and flat welt also help make the J Crew boots look sleek for a boot on the Barrie last.
Hoit1981, so are you suggesting blind eyelets and hooks, or metal exposed eyelets and hooks, on the grain Gianni?I ask because it seems that C&J's metal eyelets turn green over time? NAMOR and others, do you know what I'm talking about? Or am I full of it?
As others have said, the AE Dalton design looks off to me. Alden knows how to make a WT boot.
I would be in for a whiskey (or possibly other shell colors*) Harlech or Gianni. I really dig the Dainite and all eyelets combo on mdubs's boots.*What are the options with C&J?
Both are amazing.If that boot is made again, I hope I have the sense to get a pair.
They're both great boots. If I had to choose, I'd choose Plaza.
Congrats, that's a great boot.For the cap toes, are you referring to a cap toe blucher shoe (2160/2161) or a boot? I've never heard of a cap toe blucher boot on the Aberdeen, but I'd love to see it if it exists.
They look like the snuff suede LHS, model 6243F.
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