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I think the closed heel and flat welt also help make the J Crew boots look sleek for a boot on the Barrie last.
Hoit1981, so are you suggesting blind eyelets and hooks, or metal exposed eyelets and hooks, on the grain Gianni?I ask because it seems that C&J's metal eyelets turn green over time? NAMOR and others, do you know what I'm talking about? Or am I full of it?
As others have said, the AE Dalton design looks off to me. Alden knows how to make a WT boot.
I would be in for a whiskey (or possibly other shell colors*) Harlech or Gianni. I really dig the Dainite and all eyelets combo on mdubs's boots.*What are the options with C&J?
Both are amazing.If that boot is made again, I hope I have the sense to get a pair.
They're both great boots. If I had to choose, I'd choose Plaza.
Congrats, that's a great boot.For the cap toes, are you referring to a cap toe blucher shoe (2160/2161) or a boot? I've never heard of a cap toe blucher boot on the Aberdeen, but I'd love to see it if it exists.
They look like the snuff suede LHS, model 6243F.
Those are incredible.A few months ago, the Epaulet site listed one of these available, and it happened to be in my size. I ordered it, only to find out a day later that it was not actually in stock.
These are incredible.
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