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I decided to try these out. I'll try to report back with pics and sizing comments when they arrive.Is there any chance these are not C&J?
This is very interesting. You don't find a commando soled shoe/boot to perform any better?
I wonder if this is because customers truly prefer the barrie last, or if it is simply the last they have the most experience with (because retailers choose barrie 90% of the time).
cigar high bootCT, NST, or PTplaza or aberdeenall eyeletflat 360 degree antique weltcommando sole (would prefer Dainite, but Alden doesn't use them)Horween stamp on inside of both tongues
Agreed. They're exceptional.
It's nice to see the plaza being used recently -- LS's CXL WT boot (with all eyelets, even) and Leffot's tobacco chamois CT blucher -- but does anyone else find it frustrating that these casual leather plaza makeups are available, considering how difficult it is to find a #8 shell shoe or boot on the plaza?
This is difficult. I'd sell #8 wingtip and black captoe.
Snuff or dark brown suede, on a sleeker last, might be more wearable while still having a formal/casual vibe.
No offense, but they are indeed strange IMO. A wholecut in natural chromexcel on the barrie. This takes formal mixed with casual to a new level.
I'm with you. I wish Alden did all eyelet more often, especially all eyelet with commando.
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