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Nice makeup. In the future, try using the Image icon, directly to the left of the Attachment icon, to post pictures.
Maybe those who think the difference will decrease over time are thinking that the creases that will form with wear will introduce color variation on each shoe, which will make the difference between the left and right shoes less noticeable.
Yeah, I just found it humorous that he just bought a shoe he unloaded in the past. We've all probably changed our preferences over time, so I'm not trying to criticize or anything.
I couldn't accept this.Something to consider is that quite a few people have said this unevenness will subside over time. I have no personal experience with this sort of QC issue, but I've heard others in the past claim the opposite -- that unevenness can get more pronounced over time.My stance with new shoe QC or fit issues is to assume they will never change.
The color of the LWBs is what I think of when I think of cigar. The bals look close to dark ravello, which is a great color as well. Please don't sell either. Speaking of which, didn't you sell a pair of cigar LWBs in the past?
I really like the dark brown suede LWBs.
Trying to remember why I passed on the chance for a cigar LWB...
I'm sure you're aware, but mafoofan ordered 5. I think a flat welt would have better suited the plaza and single leather soles.I think JGilbert has done a 6 eyelet shell chukka on the plaza. A suede version was posted here recently.
If I had to choose, I think I'd give the edge to SWs over LWs.
The plaza last makes an excellent boot indeed. I was just limiting myself to AoC #8 WT offerings.
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