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Unfortunate, but the right call IMO.
The Leffot snuff suede Cooney (perf cap toe) boot and #8 and ravello (I believe you wore these earlier this week) NST boot from TSM are on the Aberdeen.
The only ravello NST boot I know of is from TSM on the Aberdeen, like mdubs said.
Leffot tankers are definitely a nice makeup. They're on the casual side (barrie last, antique welt, commando sole, speedhooks), but I think they work well for that use. I guess it depends on your needs and your current collection.
I figured they would be, but the stitching is somewhat squared off, which made me think trubalance.I think #8 nst boots -- whether barrie/plaza/aberdeen/truB, leather/commando, eyelets/speedhooks -- are one of Alden's best styles.
Are these on trubalance or barrie?
Great king NSTs and combo.
Nice bal collection. I think the dark brown shell Strand is probably AE's best shoe.
Classy cap toes.
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