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I can't argue if you're satisfied, but I thought the point was that you (understandably, IMO) wanted the credit applied to the shoes you bought recently. Otherwise, they just let you use the credit for another pair of shoes.
Alden recognizes that they sometimes create second quality shoes, and they sell them as such at a reduced price (or they sell them as firsts anyway). Some shoes are so bad that people here have been told their pair in a pre-order was ruined, or something to that effect.Surely sometimes this sort of thing will occur during a restoration as well. AE would likely fix the shoes if possible, or offer a new pair. Is Hot Dog Day #49's experience representative of how Alden...
These shoes/combos are top notch.
What retailer?
Sevenfoldtieguy is the authority on Alden for BB lasts, but I'm essentially certain the calf PTB is on the Barrie, whereas the shell PTB is on the M-58.I'm less certain about the CTB. I'd guess Snap, which is supposed to fit like the Hampton.
They are made by Alden.
The toe of the right boot in the listinglooks different from the toe of the right boot here
Sure, if the seller was selling them because of this imperfection, then returning them to RL (assuming he bought them from RL and not an individual) would make more sense.Anyway, to focus on what action you should take, I assume that you're not able to return them to the seller (if it's eBay, they tend to decide in favor of the buyer, but a cobbler modified the sole).If you can't live with the imperfection, you can probably break even if you take good pictures in natural...
I once purchased (and returned) a pair of Marlows directly from RL that had this same issue. So, in this case, but also in general, I think NIB doesn't necessarily mean without possible cosmetic imperfections, and there is some responsibility on the buyer's part to inspect pictures closely. By your own admission, you thought the picture he provided -- which clearly shows the issue, if you look closely enough -- "looked ok, so [you] didn't pay attention to it much." When...
New Posts  All Forums: