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The snuff LHS is great, though I wish it had a tan antique edge/welt. Any thoughts on this?
I could accept everything except the exposed metal. This detail makes them seconds at best IMO.
It's awesome that this GMTO went through. I'll surely be jealous when they're delivered.
What's the June code? Thanks!
BB snuff PT boots on TruB
They look great.My understanding was that double Dainite means a Dainite sole with a single leather midsole between the welt and the Dainite sole.Dainite, or single Dainite, would be attaching the Dainite sole directly to the welt (with no midsole).So yours is double (is "triple" more accurate?) Dainite but with a double leather midsole?
Sorry for the delay everyone. @TommyB will be taking over the Whiskey Shell Harlech GMTO. I have PMed him, and I imagine at least the first 12 people will be hearing from him shortly. Finally, here is what I believe is the full list of interested members in the order they expressed interest, removing those who said they were out.@madridista@Baldrick@NewYawker@sleepyinsanfran@zr0e@chipshot@skeen7908@TommyB@PipersSon@doorsncolours@Kirill...
I emailed Alden last week and they said the BB boot is on Trubalance.
BB snuff PT boots on TruB, maiden voyage
I'm not sure, but I added you to the list.Added.Not yet.
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