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Anyone else asked Alden NY multiple times how to find out about new rare shell makeups and always been told they just had to periodically email them?
I believe the Alden shell cordovan pamphlet specifically advises against using trees that are too large. However, I also know that some experts here (such as SFTG) size up on their trees.
Great boots. I wish all eyelets and commando was more common that it is.
Alden doesn't make lasted shoe trees, so you would use the same trees regardless of last. I believe the Alden branded trees that you can buy from any Alden retailer are made by Rochester. Allen Edmonds uses Woodlore trees, which can be purchased at Nordstrom Rack. During a Jos A Bank sale I think you can get 3 trees for the price of one. I think they are Woodlore, but I'm not sure.
Nothing wrong with wearing them hard and wanting to let the leather patina naturally, but what's the rationale for not using shoe trees?
I hope this is resolved to your satisfaction. If it were AE, you'd probably get a new pair of shoes.So they called you, said they'd investigate, and then they didn't call you back with their recommendation, and instead just did what they thought would fix the issue and shipped the shoes back?
I pick:Whiskey PTB (if I have to pick one rare shell model)Black cordovan unlined PTBBrown suede LWB on commandoIf I had to pick one untouchable model, it would be the cigar chukka.
NST boot.
I think the closed heel and flat welt also help make the J Crew boots look sleek for a boot on the Barrie last.
Hoit1981, so are you suggesting blind eyelets and hooks, or metal exposed eyelets and hooks, on the grain Gianni?I ask because it seems that C&J's metal eyelets turn green over time? NAMOR and others, do you know what I'm talking about? Or am I full of it?
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