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Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick This is strictly my opinion, but with the creasing on the tops of the boots, you may get some objections from some as to whether these are in 'NIB' condition. I think you picked up the other pair that were on here earlier today - compare the pictures. Those ones are in 'NIB' condition. (By the way, what a deal you got on those boots, if it was you, way to pull the trigger). Anyhow, that's just my comment from the...
Agreed on the who cares if it's outdated. If it's not a suit, you can pick up SOME sort of a coat for under $20 at a thrift shop that should work with whatever else you've got. You'd be shocked at what you can find at some thrift shops. Pick the nicest part of whatever area you live in and find the closest thrift shop to that area. You may not find exactly what you'd like, but I guarantee you can find something that's cheap and will work in a pinch.
This is a double - post of a thread I started in the B&S forum, but I thought it might be appropriate here as well. Robert Old has some C&J in their close-out section that are decently discounted. The styles and sizes are limited, but there are a couple worth checking out. Their T&C link at the top of the page indicated that worldwide shipping is included, so these aren't a bad deal if they work for someone. http://www.old.co.uk/acatalog/_Bin_Ends___.html
Rather than anger my wife by ordering any of these, I'm passing along a potentially good deal. The link is to the "Odds & Ends" section of Robert Old's shoes. There are a few closeouts that might work for someone. If you look at the 'terms & conditions' section I believe it says that standard shipping anywhere in the world is included in the price. There's only a few models that I'd consider (probably not the sport hybrid model) but the boots, black oxfords and scotch...
While waiting to see if a good-natured SF'r whill come to your aid; 1) Post your size here - Coat, waist, pants inseam 2) Start scouring any thrift shops you've got close by.
Shell wingtips 10E - currently $10.50 with no reserve http://cgi.ebay.com/J-M-Crown-Aristocraft-Shell-Cordovan-Shoes-10E Seller also has some brown calf AE Moras in 11,12,13 - suede in the 13 as well. I love these Sutors. ADG had these a while back closer to my size but I passed. Since they are used, some better pics might be in order but I love the design. http://cgi.ebay.com/900-Sutor-Mantellassi-Brown-Buckle-Boots If the cashback comes back, these are a...
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Oh nothing as systematic as that, it's more of whatever I feel like wearing at the time. But then I don't seem to get invited to those sort of parties anymore That must be due to word getting out about your lack of shawl collar tux.
This happened once before not long ago and it came back. Put it on the 'to check' list with GVH and all of those other sites that you check frequently for good deals.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Nice. If it were my size, I'd probably have gone for it as I don't have a shawl tux, although I have too many as it is. That's an interesting comment to me, as it sounds like you've identified a hole in your tux lineup. The hole in my tux lineup is currently the lack of a tux. I'm honestly not being a smartass here, but I've got to ask how one identifies the need for a shawl tux? I'm assuming it's...
Quit pretending that there's a 10.5 shoe out there that're you're opposed to buying. You're like a 10.5 all-star catcher lately - nothing gets by you.
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