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I cannot recommend tailors (but if you search SF for either LA Tailor or SD Tailor I'm guessing you'll find something) but I can tell you that taking it to a tailor and having them look inside the lining is about the only way you will know. Different makers build in different amounts of extra fabric at the seams - some do very little and some leave a little extra. Someone here might know if Kiton leans one way or the other as a general rule, but I don't .
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy mytailor.com will do MTM pajamas. I have never ordered any, but there is a group of people who are into their ($400!) linen PJs. I sold some Borrelli PJ's in the B&S last year that were way north of that on retail, and have some Charvet in the B&S now with a retail of $775 !!! Triple patch pockets, MOP buttons... I guess when you have everything else covered, you need something to go with your Edward...
The Isaia is awesome, but a 38.5 chest is more like a 36, maybe a 38. how the hell did they tag that a 52?
Awesome that you actually did a search, saw that there were SIX previous threads dedicated to tailors in Dallas and still decided to start a new thread. I hope you get info other that contained in the previous threads.
10/21 price cuts. You people need pants and ties, right?
10/21 price cuts. Let's move it out people.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaggy Read the sticky at the top, "The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts." This. And, Moderntailor.com You can get them as slim as you want them that way. The fabric is tough to guess at just from pics, but I've come up mostly lucky - and I think I'm averaging about $55 each shipped including thick MOP buttons.
I predict this sits unsold until you bring at least two price drops to the equation.
Those flannel suits are awesome. I love #2. Just a helluva retro vibe to it.
11/10 price cuts !!! $180 on the big guy Canali plain blue sportcoats and blazer !!!!!!!!!!! $235 for the Zegna Trofeo Silk SC !!!!!!!!! MORE CUTS on the Isaia suits - SOME NWT AND UNDER $500 !!!!! And the RL custom suit is about as nice as you'll find at $400. Wool and cashmere Cucinelli for the price of cotton !!!!!!!! GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE !!! ************************************** I think I have all of the measurements posted now. ...
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