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Awesome that you actually did a search, saw that there were SIX previous threads dedicated to tailors in Dallas and still decided to start a new thread. I hope you get info other that contained in the previous threads.
10/21 price cuts. You people need pants and ties, right?
10/21 price cuts. Let's move it out people.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaggy Read the sticky at the top, "The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts." This. And, Moderntailor.com You can get them as slim as you want them that way. The fabric is tough to guess at just from pics, but I've come up mostly lucky - and I think I'm averaging about $55 each shipped including thick MOP buttons.
I predict this sits unsold until you bring at least two price drops to the equation.
Those flannel suits are awesome. I love #2. Just a helluva retro vibe to it.
11/10 price cuts !!! $180 on the big guy Canali plain blue sportcoats and blazer !!!!!!!!!!! $235 for the Zegna Trofeo Silk SC !!!!!!!!! MORE CUTS on the Isaia suits - SOME NWT AND UNDER $500 !!!!! And the RL custom suit is about as nice as you'll find at $400. Wool and cashmere Cucinelli for the price of cotton !!!!!!!! GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE !!! ************************************** I think I have all of the measurements posted now. ...
I don't recall any of those "Cloth by Ermenegildo Zegna" suits being made by Boglioli. Boglioli is an Italian maker. Bagliani is a Mexican maker. Way different. I bet the labe says made in Mexico. If it's the best deal you can find and you're a really hard size, I'd go for it. I don't recall them being bad suits, but I'd be surprised if they have a canvassed chest. I think they're fused. That doesn't automatically make them bad. Just be aware of what you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 Corneliani Sport Coat in Size 52R EU/42R US: Light gray houndstooth pattern. how much room is there to shorten these sleeves/ what's the length between bottom of bottom button and edge of cuff? It looks like those are faux buttonholes rather than functional ones, so your tailor can just remove the thread and reposition the buttons if you need lotsa shortening. Also, if it irks you that too much...
Coats that have more of a sweater shoulder sometimes run smaller in measurement in my experience. I've got a coule with no pading that have a measurement that is more narrow than I would expect would work for me and they still work. The only solution is to buy it and try it I've got a Isaia "Dustin" model that is 100% unlined, unstructured SC and it has an 18" shoulder measurement. Narrow shoulder measurements are the thing that usually cause me to have to pass...
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