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Price cuts and added the Cantarelli suit and Brunello Cucinelli sportcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Please stop posting Butter, you're making us all dumber Seriously dude, lighten up. Don't let yourself get so wound up by a person that you required to object even when they're saying something reasonable.
Made in the USA? The only ones I've seen there have been made in Mexico. There was another thread about this recently.
Some bold soul should grab that plaid pair. Those are awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Damn I am one resourceful motherfucker. Got a hookup for this monstrosity right in NYC for $59. Success. I was going to ask if you looking for a white douchbag suit or a white double breased suit. I'm glad you cleared that up, cause either could apply.
I cannot recommend tailors (but if you search SF for either LA Tailor or SD Tailor I'm guessing you'll find something) but I can tell you that taking it to a tailor and having them look inside the lining is about the only way you will know. Different makers build in different amounts of extra fabric at the seams - some do very little and some leave a little extra. Someone here might know if Kiton leans one way or the other as a general rule, but I don't .
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy mytailor.com will do MTM pajamas. I have never ordered any, but there is a group of people who are into their ($400!) linen PJs. I sold some Borrelli PJ's in the B&S last year that were way north of that on retail, and have some Charvet in the B&S now with a retail of $775 !!! Triple patch pockets, MOP buttons... I guess when you have everything else covered, you need something to go with your Edward...
The Isaia is awesome, but a 38.5 chest is more like a 36, maybe a 38. how the hell did they tag that a 52?
Awesome that you actually did a search, saw that there were SIX previous threads dedicated to tailors in Dallas and still decided to start a new thread. I hope you get info other that contained in the previous threads.
10/21 price cuts. You people need pants and ties, right?
New Posts  All Forums: