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Quote: Originally Posted by TurboBruce Are these Kiton tries true 7s? I can't see the 7th fold on the pictures. click Oh yeah, and nice ties man. I'm having a hard time not buying that B&S knit.
Quote: Originally Posted by rmspawn The suit you are selling is not Golden Fleece, not fully canvassed, not hand tailored and not the suit you linked to. It is clearly an 1818 suit§ionsize= and retails for $800 less than the GF suit. Please correct your thread, thanks. Good job, Columbo. There's a way to suggest this without coming across as a huge dick. Please correct your approach, thanks.
The shoulders seem narrow and the chest seems big. I'd be inclined to hold off until he can measure a coat that he knows actually fits him for comparison. A tailor can make most things work, but how much $ it's going to take to get that done is the question.
Price cuts & new stuff.
. These have all been moved to my suit & sportcoat thread. CLICK!!!!! .
Tommy Nutter on ebay:
More Price Cuts!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 What exactly gives you that impression? The thing that gives me pause is the statement that they're made from a single piece. There's been much discussion about this here. Any belt made from a single piece is not shell cordovan. It may be horesehide, but two pieces of shell come from the top of a horse's ass and are medium sized and not usually the 40" or so that would be needed to make a single piece...
Google, baby, google.
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