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The shoulders seem narrow and the chest seems big. I'd be inclined to hold off until he can measure a coat that he knows actually fits him for comparison. A tailor can make most things work, but how much $ it's going to take to get that done is the question.
Price cuts & new stuff.
. These have all been moved to my suit & sportcoat thread. CLICK!!!!! .
Tommy Nutter on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/HISTORICAL-TOMMY-NUTTER-19-SAVILE-ROW-BESPOKE-SUIT
More Price Cuts!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 What exactly gives you that impression? The thing that gives me pause is the statement that they're made from a single piece. There's been much discussion about this here. Any belt made from a single piece is not shell cordovan. It may be horesehide, but two pieces of shell come from the top of a horse's ass and are medium sized and not usually the 40" or so that would be needed to make a single piece...
Google, baby, google. http://www.mainetti-at-home.com/
Price cuts!!!!!!!!!!
Price cuts! Move it out. I figured people would be all over the thick flannel RL Polo pants and the Zegna / Inco gray flannels, and the Brioni pants, and the Charvet Jammies......
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