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When I was in the local RL store a few weeks back my SA went behind the counter and pulled out this computer printed "catalog" that the store has which contained all of their shoe models. they rarely carry any of the higher-end shoes here, so it was interesting to see a comprehensive list of everything they could get. There were still some shoes made by Edward Green (I'm assuming, based on prices north of $1,500 - can't remember exactly what - and the Made in England...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I need to have a DB made next. I'll rarely wear it, but when I do it'll be the shiznit. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria What up, whitey? - B Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano So...what? You saying a suburban, middle aged white boy like me can't pull off urban? Last white dude to say shiznit anywhere near Plano:
SF Mod approved price cuts!
Quote: Originally Posted by dallasdandy Could you recheck your measurements,please. I'm 6'2" and wear a 34 inseam; 43.5 inseam would be a VERY tall person As would a 35" BOC measurement. Given the chest, the inseam and the BOC, it had to be very gently used by a NBA player.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 GTO Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Holy shit there are more retards here than I thought. I'd appreciate it if you two would start separate threads in the B&S to express your displeasure with this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier The only thing that's fitting with a purple velvet coat is a Raspberry Beret. But that's so 1999. I've looked for these at MN and BG with no luck. Do you think this is the kind of thing you'd buy at a second-hand store?
Man this thread feels good. I started the exact same thread, but it's so much better from the mods.
Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` The toaster is 34.95 on Amazon. Threadshit much?
Price CUTS! Will make a good deal if you buy everything in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by greger You have seen a woolen surge? I've seen this on several RL Polo suits and blazers. I think it's a type of twill that isn't specific to weight. The Polo goy told me that something about the way it is made causes it to be more wrinkle resistant than some other weaves. I just googled it and the description I found said that it was commonly used in military uniforms, which might explain why people could think...
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