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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel grey birdseye cashmere (like my pants) a) I can't see your pants through the computer b) 6 fold cashmere bowties sound awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by Peak and Pine Wait, don't go. We have questions of you, like what's a high-end dry cleaner? You won't take my my Ed Hardys? Or you will and you'll charge way too much? Pls come back; we loves the folks who describe their product, their babe or themselves as high end. Thank you for showing up just in time to be a dick. He's got a link to his website in his sig, you might be able to click on the link and see if there...
Yeah, I'd have to believe that you could shave .25 off at the cuff without needing to have the sleeves taken off. The last time I had that done (because I bought a NWT suit in the B&S with functional buttons on the cuffs - which was not disclosed ) I think I paid $60 or $80, can't remember which.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles fuck. 1) Go to NMLC, buy 4 things for $200 total 2) Sell three for $70 each, keep 4th item 3) $210 - pp fees - shipping = I lost money and I am a bad businessman. 4) IRS will not audit your closet
measurements on the 52 would be appreciated
Roast at the Book Cadillac hotel in Detroit is one of Iron Chef Michael Symon's restaurants. During their coctail hour every weekday from 4:30 to 6:30 you can get one of their regular menu burgers with bacon and a fried egg on it for $3.
Any chance of getting a shot of the maker's label from inside the pocket?
Quote: Originally Posted by royallife I am not sure what are we talking about , anyone who can tell me ? Not a violin like yer dude's holding there. Like this: Probably not, however, "strung upside down for a left-handed mother f'n genius" as seen in the photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by TurboBruce Are these Kiton tries true 7s? I can't see the 7th fold on the pictures. click Oh yeah, and nice ties man. I'm having a hard time not buying that B&S knit.
Quote: Originally Posted by rmspawn The suit you are selling is not Golden Fleece, not fully canvassed, not hand tailored and not the suit you linked to. It is clearly an 1818 suit http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize= and retails for $800 less than the GF suit. Please correct your thread, thanks. Good job, Columbo. There's a way to suggest this without coming across as a huge dick. Please correct your approach, thanks.
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