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Both of these kick a lot of ass, and the RL Polo flannel pants are getting harder to find at a good price. Walk into work with the confidence of knowing that nobody is going to be wearing pants that kick more ass than yours. RL Polo: US 36, 100% Virgin Wool heavy flannel, Made in Italy (Corneliani?) Regent Model, tan and mid-brown houndstooth with a faint moss green windowpane. Regent: Waist - 35 Rise - 11.5 Inseam - 38 unhemmed thigh - 14 knee - 11 ankle - 9.25 @...
Loro Piana makes top-notch cashmere sweaters, so no puffery needed. 100% Cashmere, $695 retail, tagged size is 54, chest measures 45". The color is a pale light green that's sort of mottled or heathered with white if you get up close on it. It's a sweet sweater, and it fits me, so I won't be too sad if it doesn't sell. Price includes shipping in the continental US. Buyers located elsewhere are responsible for actual shipping charges.
Most of you will not be cool enough to pull this jacket off. I am definitely cool enough, it just doesn't fit me as well as I'd like. The fabric is 35% wool / 35% linen / 30% silk. It's sort of a slightly darker tan (british khaki) base with brown and blue windowpanes in a wide stripe and a thin blue windowpane over the top - if that makes sense. If the pics don't represent the fabric well enough I'll get some better close ups of the fabric soon. The model is Rover...
** I've got the charcoal pinstripe in 54R. A helluva deal for a staple suit. One last try and then off to ebay All of the 52R suits are gone** You ever had one of those days where you realize you overbought on Isaia suits and then mostly stopped wearing suits and that you had a whole ton of money tied up in NWT Isaia suits just hanging in a closet? No? Yeah, uh, me neither.... Anyhow, I took just a few pics because I'm assuming most people know what an Isaia suit...
A bespoke tailor can pull off most anything.
Some of their suits and sport coats are made by Isaia. That doesn't mean that DC can't specify the level of build quality they want, but it sure as hell makes them a more reliable bet than anything you run across with a "Made in Wherever" tag in it and no knowledge of the maker. Just keep an eye out on ebay or in the store for the "Made in Italy" stuff and check the maker's label. If it's not visible in an auction, ask the seller for a pic. Check this one (solid blue...
There's about five guys selling TONS of NWT Incotex in the B&S and on ebay right now. Just search the B&S for incotex and you'll find a bunch.
RL Signature was made by Corneliani - just to a nicer level of finish than the Polo stuff. I had two RL Sig pieces in my normal size that I wanted to fit me so badly, but I had to sell them off NWT. The cut and the roped shoulders kick ass on these.
Keep them all so that we can see you on a TLC Hoarding show in a couple of years. Buried alive in an avalanche of shell, not a bad way to go... Then again, you sell all of these and pay for a nice vacation. Or more shoes.
This is a pretty unique tie. It is flat woven in a mix of charcoal gray and light gray. It reverses from dark with a light pattern to light with a dark pattern. I've never seen a tie with a $535 retail before. It measures 59" long by 3" wide. You will look sweet as hell wearing this tie, and I'd bet you'll never see another person wearing one like it.
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