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I've got a pair of Nudie Average Joe dry heavy (raw denim) 31x32 for sale. They're mildly worn, In really good shape, no fading happening yet. I just never really wear them. I paid $165 for them, I'd like to get $90 shipped for them. Here's me wearing them. Willing to consider reasonable offers.
Sorry if this question has been addressed already, I read through the thread but didn't see it mentioned. I have the 9011 (black cherry) gentleman traveller's, and I've ordered some sno-seal beeswax to apply to them. My question is regarding care after the beeswax is applied. I get the impression that the beeswax is almost a one time application type thing, and so I'm wondering about how to keep them looking decently fresh after that's done. Can I polish with a kiwi...
Thanks for posting. The only reason I'm selling these is because I just don't seem to wear them very often.
Mock Me! 1. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 2. Belle & Sebastian 3. Built to Spill 4. The Black Keys 5. Wolf Parade
Looking for black leather winter gloves for my wife.. (don't have to be especially warm) maybe in the $50 range?.. Not sure if that's realistic or not. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
These are still available. $50 shipped.
Up on ebay.
Can you post measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni you're selling them for 60 shipped and someone offered 50 which you turned down. That doesn't leave much room for other offers No one has offered me anything for these shoes. I was originally asking $60 shipped, and then decided I could let them go for $50 shipped...
Make an offer. I can sell through ebay if you want. My account is tacoz101, I have 100% positive feedback with 151 transactions.
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