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Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy a little tight in the shoulders? dunno Thank you Flartchy! anybody else?? pls help, i want to buy some more shirts ASAP
hi guys have received a shirt from mt recently, mostly like it, but i need your advices about the fit. which adjustments do you recommend? it's post wash.
hi guys what about my online MTM shirt?
Still Looking.
Want To Spend Some Cash!
hi WTB: AE shoes size 8-8.5-9 OR ANY DOUBLE MONKS Also looking for 36-38 Thick as Thieves suit/jacket
i used to wear it to school too=) The stamp says "december 80",so it's more than 30 years old. great item btw
hi guys! need an advice. i've bought a suit on ebay, and i'm not sure if it fits me right. some of my concerns are: -length and fit of pants(seems to be lil bit short and too tight? ) -does the jacket fit in waist any other? BTW what do you think about this suit/shoes combination? photos suit is unpressed BTW
google nexus s awesome phone!
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