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hi guys what about my online MTM shirt?
Still Looking.
Want To Spend Some Cash!
hi WTB: AE shoes size 8-8.5-9 OR ANY DOUBLE MONKS Also looking for 36-38 Thick as Thieves suit/jacket
i used to wear it to school too=) The stamp says "december 80",so it's more than 30 years old. great item btw
hi guys! need an advice. i've bought a suit on ebay, and i'm not sure if it fits me right. some of my concerns are: -length and fit of pants(seems to be lil bit short and too tight? ) -does the jacket fit in waist any other? BTW what do you think about this suit/shoes combination? photos suit is unpressed BTW
google nexus s awesome phone!
if the price isn't a problem,i would consider macbook air 11'
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