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Looking for TOJ1 size 48-50 preferably black/black/camo, but other colors will do as well Thanks
Hello guysCould you please suggest which alterations should I make to this suit?What about the sleeve and trousers length?I'm undergrad senior looking for job, so this suit is for interviews.And what do you think about the tie?Thanks. [[SPOILER]]
better pics here guysMy main concern are:1)Too much waist supression2)Really should decrease chest size3) Not sure about sleeve lengthAny suggestions appreciated.BTW, what do you hink about the tie, is it appropriate here?Regards [[SPOILER]]
Hello guys,I have received a MTM suit, and received it yesterday, but I have some doubts about the fit.I think that there is excessive fabrics in chest area, and also I should let out some fabric in the waist area.What do you think?And is it appropriate for BB banks interviews? [[SPOILER]]
guys, i'm russian and live in Moscow i'm always wondering, why foreign guys are amazed by(or i should use with?) our women? i know several girls from US and UK, and they are pretty hot in my mind. by the way, russian girls like foreigners=)
100k O_o? meh,whatever. i'm making 20k in IT consulting after my BA in applied math and computer science,Russian salaries kinda suck. In Soviet Russia money makes you!(isn't it stupid?
i have NWT hugo boss dark grey suit(Jam/sharp) for sale(or trading). tags says 36, but it def would fit 38. any interest?
Thanks guys
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy a little tight in the shoulders? dunno Thank you Flartchy! anybody else?? pls help, i want to buy some more shirts ASAP
hi guys have received a shirt from mt recently, mostly like it, but i need your advices about the fit. which adjustments do you recommend? it's post wash.
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