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Green tea is very healthy thing for us. It was very good for skin. It stay away us from risk of cancer and heart strokes. It improve immune system and increase blood circulation. If it will take in morning then it will help to reduce weight.
tips for healthy hair: 1) Wash your hair regularly. 2) Use conditioner. 3) Do not comb in wet hair. 4) Take healthy diet. 5) Give warm oil massage to hair.
Some tips to quite smoking. 1) Take healthy diet. 2) Built self confidence and live a stress free. 3) Do meditation it will help you. 4) Spend your time with friends and family member. 5) Stay away from smokers.
I think that this short hair are looking nice on you. But if you want long hair then you have to take care do regular hot oil massage and avoid to wash daily and use egg contain shampoo, because eggs contain so many protein in it.
Tips to weight loss: 1) Drink more water. 2) Take healthy diet, avoid fat from meal. 3) Do exercise regularly. 4) Avoid stress and alcohol.
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