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Originally cost over $900. Have only been worn a few times. Paypal only!
Commes Des Garcons boots currently at $51 dollars. Also have Opening Ceremony, N.D.C, Moma, Original Fake
Price drop of 200
still for sale
Hey Styleforum, up for sale is the leather rider jacket from Robert Geller. This is one of my favourite jackets and is a great addition to any closet. It is is in great condition and I will only sell if I get the right offer.
Hey Styleforum, for sale I have a Colorblock BoO parka. This jacket is in perfect condition as it hasn't been worn nearly as much as I hoped when I purchased it. Message me with all offers.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog123 Quote: Originally Posted by WBaker Sorry if I sounded snobbish, I meant that the D3000 is the most basic DSLR that Canon makes right now. I think it's the fact that it is a nikon.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog123 Glad I wasn't the only one who picked up on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1up Yeah, strange. This is my first summer living here, it's typically not like this? Nope, usually much nicer. It's very odd. Should turn around soon though.
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