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I'd like to ask where (online) can I get dress belts to go with my new AE shoes (Brogue Suede Strands and Dark Brown Mora 2.0)? The "wide basic dress belt" listed on AE's website is 35mm width, which I find it too wide for my taste (I'm about 5"8 btw). I have 2 dress belts right now: one in chili and the other one in walnut - which I don't think they are suitable.
Can I have a quote on WIDE BASIC belt. Calf leather - Dark Brown and Brogue Suede. Thanks.
Seiko skx007 would definitely be my choice
Argh... I just need the black one. Let me know if you change your mind.
I don't see McAllister in this color, are these real? And if I wear a size 8D for Park Ave, will these fit me?
Any restock of the Filson small duffle(tan) soon?
I'm in the same size as I am in converse.
check out Renati Rock Hard
Where can I get Dockers Wader in Carmel in size 30 online? Have been checking the Dockers online store for weeks but it is still out of stock!
+1 for Strands in walnut
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