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Have you seen Letterman wearing Mezlan sandals with white socks?
My Versace Jeans dark-blue cord peacoat has a great look ( very non flamboyant) but the lining quality is horrible. All inside is covered with small white crap. But I like it so much that I still wear it.
So am I better off using most COMMON pronunciation or the CORRECT one? Should I go with mainstream? I wonder what italian-americans feel when americans mispronounce these words...do they feel obligated to do it too?
Is it OK to pronounce latin terms as if they were English ( bona fAide, prima fEicie etc) or should we pronounce them as they are - latin? Italian or Aitalian?
Its a cool Heuer. Make a low offer, offer a guy a thousand or something. If its 40mm or more, would be even better.
You will have to forget about your regular successful image and to play a guy who only deals in cash. ( i. e. for some reason you don't have credit cards). Just say that you only have X much money on you. These people love cash, they will understand. When you reach consensus, just say that you have to go to the car to get your X+whatever (if anything) cash and run to the bank. That way you'll make it much easier for him (and for yourself). Works for me everytime.
Think twice before cancelling your score anyway. I had pretty much the same prob as you - I got only half of my logic ones right (while I got right almost all experimental ones ), but still I received 86% and no way I was or am doing that test ever again.
Try to recall how many questions were on these sections (and on others) and you can figure out which one was experimental one ( cus you know a total number of questions, right?). Also helpful to take into account odd/even number of questions and figure it out that way.
I'm first year law and wish to thank you guys for the great input. But - it appears that there are no sample exams in our library. There are exam questions, but there are no answers, so I have no idea what does the good-written exam look like. Where can one get these exam samples other than in the library?
two thumbs up...Gucci quality is great, you won't regret it.
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