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Just found this, and bugger me - tartan hats! No dates, any guesses? As a 7 year old, this is the car I dreamed of owning in the late 60s Failing that, the Monkees' car would have sufficed!
Not strictly relevant, but great photos eh? The Cage Football Chaps, White City 1966 (Douglas Gray) The Dive Bar of the Springbok, Shepherd's Bush 1966 (Douglas Gray) Pequod and loempiavreter - Great photos. Enjoyed the 'All Dressed Up & Going Nowhere' documentary, great find Flyfronted. The 'taches on some of the lads look good too, surprisingly. How common were they then?
I've asked the same sort of questions Buttons -Short, Mod 'urchin' hair cut ('66) gave way to college boy then short crop (3 or 4) for one summer (think it was '69) That was the last short hair cut for quite a few years. Most of the younger kids had the more severe barnets.Dad liked it but mum, doormen and a lot of the girls didn't. That buggered that then!What's strange is for some kids, hair was longer in the early 60's, then got shorter, whereas for 'normals' it was the...
I've seen the line drawing of this photo in the famous newspaper article, also the same couple without their sheepskins, but we must of had this one? Apologies if we have. 10th October 1969 White City Youth Club, London, 1968
Just outside North London -Collarless 'Union' shirts - No.Grandad vests -No.Army Greens - Yes, twice - '68 ish and again later '71.Donkey Jackets - Yes, briefly '68. As said, work-wear that was a fad on the terraces.Thick cardies - No, only the 'thin' ones. Worn right through the '60s, from the earlier Mod days onwards. As were V-neck jumpers/knitted long sleeved polo shirts.Trilbies - Yes, 'casually' with jeans etc. Pork pies were worn earlier.A local quirk - Levis were...
I think this is relevant - From Danny Baker's book, 'Going to Sea in a Sieve' 'Martin Connor, a boy about my age who I knew quite well, had
Ed - If only mate!
I've heard them called 'Surfer' and 'Beach Boy' jackets by original lads, but just to confuse things, they were known as 'Golfing' jackets when I were a nipper. I don't want to dilute this thread too much, but these are such good photos. They are all of the same fella from Friends Reunited (no name unfortunately) Took me ages to work out how to load the bleedin' things too! I think that's a Monkey Jacket - 'Cool Me' 1967 'Me with Maureen' 1968 'On My Mate Pete...
Elwood - Careful mate, we'll get locked up! M-o-M - The photo was taken at Highfield School, Merseyside, summer 1969
Thanks for that Brownie, I thought you might know Can't remember what you told me but did you ever pinch bowling shoes too? It wasn't a myth was it?loempiavreter - Thanks for the info. on the Toff Boys, I've heard of Mods using toffee hammers as weapons too strangely. Must have been some sort of way around 'possession of an offensive weapon' or just easy to conceal.Gsvs5 - Blimey what a start, welcome. Great read mate.Kevin Donovan - Friends Reunited.Summer '69....
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