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The only thing we wore on our soles in those days was dog's shit. It was everywhere. Sorry to lower the tone. Please carry on chaps.
Buttons, you have surpassed yourself Bloody hell.............great info. thanks.Hmmm, I've seen those High Numbers/early Who photos, I thought they were either cycling shoes or boxing boots, as the lacing goes right down to the front. (As do bowling shoes too come to think of I'm confused!) I'll go for boxing boots, Pete Meaden kitted them out and he knew his arse from his elbow alright
Progressing from 'Lone Star' cap guns to the chrome Gat Gun!My mate swears he had Monkey Boots that had the word 'monkey' spelled out on the tread?Remember the early 70s trend of having your jumper tied around your waist ? (like a 'Red' Indian)On the desert boots -I've read somewhere, and I'll try to find it, of some lads wearing high lacing army surplus style desert boots with high cut white Levis.And of kids dyeing their boots different colours* until manufacturers...
^ Well done mate, thanks.
Jeff Pearce (extreme right) Liverpool. No date. Can anyone make the photo bigger please?
Some Original Skinheads from Liverpool discuss 'Como' shoes. Are these the 60s version Solatios? I think that's what is being described here - Was asking around about the wearing of blazers around our way back in the day - it missed us. Suit jackets worn with different coloured sta-prest, but no blazers and badges though. Hello Cerneabbas
'The England squad at Heathrow Airport prior to departing for Mexico and the 1970 World Cup finals. Check out Jeff Astle (right) playing a record on a portable record player as he waits with Emlyn Hughes (left, in the hat) and Geoff Hurst (centre) for their flight to be called. A portable record player! It was the iPod of its day, apparently.' Off topic, but a great photo eh?
Has anybody got that photo they can post up of the Mod sitting on his scooter with cut-down Levis on, also, I think, he's wearing carpet slippers too? I can't find it anywhere.... I woke up thinking about it....must get out more.......
M-o-M These are the blue canvas shoes that I meant, also worn by the Villagers in The Prisoner. I like your higher ankle ones too. 1967 (of course) Buttons - Great photo, are you dancing in a giant tambourine?...all this psychedelia eh?
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