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Thanks for the info. on the 'Minets' Clouseau, very interesting reading. Some of those kids/students that I've seen in footage of the 1968 Paris riots were stylish buggers too! Have we had this?
Thanks Gramps
The red Brutus shirt reminds me that there was a local character who used to deliberately wear lairy clashing colours, the example given being a red shirt, yellow braces, sky trousers, and teamed with an ear-ring if you please. This was done with the affect of inviting stares and comments and therefore provoking a fight. The bloke was a total nutter of course... The above photo of Jim Cox is a beauty. I've seen photos of you everywhere Buttons, on some dodgy sites...
It's that man again! Searching MA 1 jackets and this comes up.
Great photo of your brother Ed. Fantastic colour photos set too, I know what you mean, they do look too good to be true. Regulars from The Scene pretending to be the Temptations at The Forum in Rome, 1967. (Alan Daly) 2nd right wearing those Dr Scholls?
The top 3 are 'The Bedford Boys' We've had one photo from the set, not sure if we've had these? Mods, London Mid 60s
Cerneabbas, totally agree, what a great look. Roy mentioned a similar style last week too. I think that I've read that the style conscious Steve Mcqueen was allowed to wear his own clothes in the film. More or less stated here. Hello Clouseau, 'your English is not perfect' ? It's better than mine mate. Welcome. Buttons - You're starting to scare me now I'll get back to you regarding the Lee...
Ok Buttons, I give in - Lee Riders? How did you arrive at that conjecture Holmes?
July 1968. Riders very big here too (at the same time as Monkey boots) then the heavier boots, think it was the other way round for lots of areas?
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