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Interesting piece on ModgenerationLen Peters -'......Didn't you have one in the sixties then Moose ? Most of us did, a tanker jacket was just a Summer parka, USAF blue,olive or sand,very very common amongst the proper scooter kids,but we shopped at the surplus not Carnaby Street , that was for the tourists and pretenders mate ;-) They were the mod jacket before the pretty coloured Harrington arrived :-)We used to wear em in Summer before Harringtons came out,they were the...
Great photo of the lads from 'The Wheel'That see-you-next-Tuesday Jeremy Clarkson has finished the 'jacket with jeans' look for me.It was a good casual Mod style, one which you don't see often these days.At what point do jeans look just too faded to wear with a jacket/blazer though?
Good finds Ed and Loempiavreter, here's another from '70 - Gill, River Thames July 1970. Grown out crop , boy's shirt, Levi's cords. Nothing to do with the thread, but this forthcoming BBC2 drama looks interesting - Birmingham's Peaky Blinders. (1890-1920) Named for their practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps, they make money from illegal betting, protection and the black market. '.....metal toe-capped boots, bell bottom trousers “22 inches...
Nice to see the Yanks joining in early for a change Well said Yankmod
Boyish looking Mod girls in ski coats, '64 ish?
Buttons, from what I can gather, St Christophers/lockets and id bracelets became fashionable together (here at least) in about '66/'67 August '67 '66/'67 Id bracelet*, photo taken before wrist turned green(Sorry, I know this pic. has been posted a few times already) BTW That's a tie stud worn with a stripe in the tie and not a St. Christopher worn over the top like Del boy. *Obtained from the fun fair? John's Children '67 Buggers for a necklace. Mick wore a watch,...
Great photo, apparently Adidas made bowling shoes in the 60s, maybe that's what the lad is wearing.*Not relevant at all, but made me smile -Another medal, Muttley? *EDIT No it isn't, they haven't got a heel.
Great photo.Are they the same as the trainers here? I can't make them out on this little screen.If not, any idea what they are?Quadrophenia LP Booklet 1973Edit -Bowling shoes!
Very good sir. We missed the Acid Mods one a few pages back....(Between The) Buttons.Can shorts ever look good chaps?I know it's not Skinhead related but tailored shorts - yes/no.Are there any really decent 'formal' shorts that look good with a crispy white shirt? I did try the ensemble once but Mrs B. said I looked like one of the Hitler Youth....The English male in summertime - we just can't get it right can we? Interesting reading about the first of the Mohicans...
'Villain' (1971) starring Richard Burton, was a good film when I last saw it years ago (probably dated now) similar to 'Get Carter'. Anyone remember it?And 'Kes' (1969) for checking out the extras.Couldn't resist posting this photo, just to annoy Little Queenie - denim, Chambray shirts, Paul and George's bleached jeans 1965. Other than his barnet, Ringo looks quite dapper.
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