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Very Norf London - Riders, Girl's boots, any work boots then 'cherry reds' which could mean any type of ox-blood coloured boots then lastly DM's . Don't remember seeing chunky soled commando styles or steel toe caps (only much later ) It's been said before that boots were dropped quickly in favour of shoes again as you were turned away from pubs for wearing them, even in the daytime. In '69 ish, wouldn't have worn jeans or boots to go out at night anyway, not even down...
'Muggy bonehead' Inks? Do you remember 'The Knockers Tale' too then?
Willesden/Neasden faces ca. 1971. Courtesy of Roscoe/ Know anyone there Roy?
Brian "Dobbie" Dolan 1971
Portsmouth Mods @ the Mecca approx. 1968/9 I'm not sure of those dates though?
Have we had these before? Didsbury 1966 Same lad, on holiday in Rhyl 1966
I have always liked peacoats, particularly the US Navy surplus ones, in blue. Not sure about the leather ones, a bit too Das Boot for me. Me, last week Everyone from Uniqlo, M&S to Ralph Lauren and Schott make their own version. It was a unisex Mod item in the mid 60s too, although I can only find a photo of Brian Wilson wearing one.
The Italian Job. The top one's the best.
The shop opposite the Tottenham Royal Bob, is that Davis' ? (Didn't know there was one in Romford too, same owners?) I've heard a lot about it, a bit of a Mod/Skinhead super store - two storeys; off the peg and MTM upstairs, shirts, ties and accessories down.Does anybody remember Paul Jeffries clothes shops, or were they just a local chain?
Ah right, thanks chaps, it was the 'buttoned on the neck' bit that threw me. I'd wear it
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