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Brian "Dobbie" Dolan 1971
Portsmouth Mods @ the Mecca approx. 1968/9 I'm not sure of those dates though?
Have we had these before? Didsbury 1966 Same lad, on holiday in Rhyl 1966
I have always liked peacoats, particularly the US Navy surplus ones, in blue. Not sure about the leather ones, a bit too Das Boot for me. Me, last week Everyone from Uniqlo, M&S to Ralph Lauren and Schott make their own version. It was a unisex Mod item in the mid 60s too, although I can only find a photo of Brian Wilson wearing one.
The Italian Job. The top one's the best.
The shop opposite the Tottenham Royal Bob, is that Davis' ? (Didn't know there was one in Romford too, same owners?) I've heard a lot about it, a bit of a Mod/Skinhead super store - two storeys; off the peg and MTM upstairs, shirts, ties and accessories down.Does anybody remember Paul Jeffries clothes shops, or were they just a local chain?
Ah right, thanks chaps, it was the 'buttoned on the neck' bit that threw me. I'd wear it
Interesting piece on ModgenerationLen Peters -'......Didn't you have one in the sixties then Moose ? Most of us did, a tanker jacket was just a Summer parka, USAF blue,olive or sand,very very common amongst the proper scooter kids,but we shopped at the surplus not Carnaby Street , that was for the tourists and pretenders mate ;-) They were the mod jacket before the pretty coloured Harrington arrived :-)We used to wear em in Summer before Harringtons came out,they were the...
Great photo of the lads from 'The Wheel'That see-you-next-Tuesday Jeremy Clarkson has finished the 'jacket with jeans' look for me.It was a good casual Mod style, one which you don't see often these days.At what point do jeans look just too faded to wear with a jacket/blazer though?
Good finds Ed and Loempiavreter, here's another from '70 - Gill, River Thames July 1970. Grown out crop , boy's shirt, Levi's cords. Nothing to do with the thread, but this forthcoming BBC2 drama looks interesting - Birmingham's Peaky Blinders. (1890-1920) Named for their practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps, they make money from illegal betting, protection and the black market. '.....metal toe-capped boots, bell bottom trousers “22 inches...
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