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Good photo. I'll go for The Foundations - 'Build Me Up Buttercup' . (I bet the record has got someone's initials scrawled on the label too)
The folks here in my little neck of N.London took speed right through the 60's, but not to 'get wasted'. It was taken so they could stay up and dance all night...blah...blah...blah...a cliche, but all true! The pills (Bennies) were for recreational use only, they were weekend users and didn't get involved in any dealing or any 'heavier' drugs. The local drug use could be a leftover from them being older (ex) Mods, however I've heard it said that a lot of Skinheads were...
Little Queenie, you're wasted on here
Roytonboy -I'll giv ya civilised , ya faaackin' norvern munkey Well done mate on kicking the thread up the arse and getting it started again. (I see you pushed someone's) Buttons.
The Originals that I speak to were a bit older than the average Skinhead (19+) and called themselves Mods, even now they wince at the term 'Skinhead' but to me with my limited knowledge, that's what they were. I think there maybe a bit of snobbery from the older lads that were Mods in '63/'64 and followed the look right through the 60's, Skinheads, I got the impression from the old uns, were the younger kids who had shaved heads and ran around causing trouble (as they...
No info. Harlem Athletic FC (Grimsby) 1968
Great photos Mr Knightley, superb cycling gear. I like the idea of a safari jacket but I think to many of my age, Rod Hull has buggered that look up good and proper. I don't know if we ever had the whole film of the Frankie Vaughn and the Glasgow gangs posted on here? Remember the photos and short youtube clip last year? The whole documentary - http://vimeo.com/35847452 Great viewing, apologies if it's been seen before.
Very Norf London - Riders, Girl's boots, any work boots then 'cherry reds' which could mean any type of ox-blood coloured boots then lastly DM's . Don't remember seeing chunky soled commando styles or steel toe caps (only much later ) It's been said before that boots were dropped quickly in favour of shoes again as you were turned away from pubs for wearing them, even in the daytime. In '69 ish, wouldn't have worn jeans or boots to go out at night anyway, not even down...
'Muggy bonehead' Inks? Do you remember 'The Knockers Tale' too then?
Willesden/Neasden faces ca. 1971. Courtesy of Roscoe/ https://www.facebook.com/TheBallroomBlitz?fref=ts Know anyone there Roy?
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