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Great photos and cuttings, thanks Della & Roy. BTW Did anybody ever read - 'Today there are no gentlemen: the changes in Englishmen's clothes since the war' (1971) By Nik Cohn ? Is it worth tracking down?
Remember these characters? ........another man who had his head nailed to the floor by The Piranha Brothers was Stig O 'Tracy. ]ohn Cleese Monty Python's Flying Circus (1970) And Dick Emery's 'Bovver Boy' - Gaylord (Write up from Teletronic the tv history site, love Emery's quote in italics!) The 'Bovver Boys', also referred to as 'skinheads' grabbed media attention in the UK through the 1970s mostly as a result of hooliganism during...
Thank you for all your hard work so far Paul. Thanks also to all the Originals and those interested that have contributed to this forum/book idea too.
Drugs were seen as 'hippy' weren't they?
We were talking about drink the other day, when I was a kid in the 80s we did drink (lager or bitter usually, not shorts or shots etc like now) And I don't know if we are just old gits but there's no way we used to get as mullered as kids do today. Was it down to the money? Or my memory You didn't have the big binge drinking culture back then did you? Was it more like a few in the afternoon, (fall asleep back at work ) then Fri/Sat nights, after all we got...
I agree with Little Queenie too. 'Pint of a thin glass'
Yep, I've just re-read it too, my mistake - that's how myths are spread! Thanks MoM, I didn't know you cared!
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery Blimey, where do you dig these things out from, bunty? Anyhow the pic below (thanks Alex)... ... is a low quality photo of a photocopy from the Radio times 4th Dec 1969. Do I recall that someone was querying the appearance of Fred Perrys until 1970? Although the definition in the photo is very poor and I can't see any logo, I would say that the bloke third from left is wearing an FP, and maybe even the...
Steptoe and Son (1970) (Just the first 30 secs)
Some more photos from '71. Arenal July 71 Arenal July 71. I think buttons on the collars are undone to make them 'flip out'? Arenal July 71
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