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More from 'Folk Devils...' page 200 page 201
Have you seen this, it uses the 'hard Mod' term in 1972.... Folk Devils & Moral Panics - The Creation of The Mods & Rockers Stanley Cohen 1972 Granada Publishing, first published in GB by MacGibbon & Kee Ltd Page 187 Any Use?
Quote: Originally Posted by Little Queenie That is good. Only right, though seeing as you were responsible for the majority of it! Bloody right! Great news!
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery A friend of mine who was 9 in 1969 (same age as Robert Elms) just messaged me on Facebook: "I remember my elder brother telling tales of school where he was told to get his hair cut and several of his mates were told not to get their hair cut that short again." One of the local originals wasn't allowed into a club in the early 60s because his hair was too long, in the late 60s he wasn't allowed in...
Great photo, they're still hanging on to the mod look, even in '69, I didn't know that style co-existed at the time
You went for the Stones because they were 'orrible! Boys liked the Stones, girls liked The Beatles (lads liked John though - he could have been a Stone) How many times have I heard that? Is that about right? Brownie did you go to Hyde Park BTW? wasn't there a few free Hyde Park gigs in the late 60s? A mate of mine went to the '14 Hour Technicolour Dream' at the Ally Pally in '67 - said the Mods there ran riot and were smashing up 'happenings' etc and that seeing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Roest Not read it but would like to own it myself Paul, highly sought after and very expensive though... Alex, I've seen it go for over a £200! Some lucky bugger found a copy in an Oxfam shop for £2 I'll keep looking in chariddy shops then! Leave Slade out of this eh? As a kid I always wanted a top hat with mirrors on it like Noddy had Funny enough, a few old Skins that I speak to liked soul,...
Great photos and cuttings, thanks Della & Roy. BTW Did anybody ever read - 'Today there are no gentlemen: the changes in Englishmen's clothes since the war' (1971) By Nik Cohn ? Is it worth tracking down?
Remember these characters? ........another man who had his head nailed to the floor by The Piranha Brothers was Stig O 'Tracy. ]ohn Cleese Monty Python's Flying Circus (1970) And Dick Emery's 'Bovver Boy' - Gaylord (Write up from Teletronic the tv history site, love Emery's quote in italics!) The 'Bovver Boys', also referred to as 'skinheads' grabbed media attention in the UK through the 1970s mostly as a result of hooliganism during...
Thank you for all your hard work so far Paul. Thanks also to all the Originals and those interested that have contributed to this forum/book idea too.
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