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Back to pocket squares......Found some silk pocket squares and ties, some ties are polka dot with a matching pocket square, like it's part of a set, others matched by colour - these are pre-skin right? Did everyone wear these in the 60s or are they a mod thing? See nearly all plain white hankies in photos from the time (late 60s) that's all.
The Styleforum hippies are trying to freak us out !
Not me Brownie, chip something up for us mate Were you old enough for the Stax & Volt tour in '67?
Quote: Originally Posted by browniecj I agree with Brideshead,Mate.Well done! Top hole MoM, thanks!
I thinks it was MoM who mentioned the difference in music played at northern and southern clubs - Page 107 Page 108 Black Music In Britain - Edited By Paul Oliver (1990) Open University Press Celtic Court 22 Ballmoor Buckingham MK18 1XW By the way...... Please watch from 8.35 to 8.50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAR4M...yer_detailpage
Youth Culture In Modern Britain, c.1920-c.1970 David Fowler 2008 Palgrave Macmillan page 8 page 134 I'm not sure if the above is relevant but I thought it was a good point. In '65, Mod was big business and so went underground again ? (I think that's what is being hinted at.)
He must be a Back Scuttler then.
In a similar vein - The Hooligan Nights: Being the Life and Opinions of a Young and Impertinent Criminal Recounted by Himself and Set Forth by Clarence Rook (Oxford Paperbacks) -1899 'Great book, the English version of 'Gangs of New York' detailing the lives of petty criminals in Lambeth.' The Scuttlers book is a great read, I like the sound of 'The Victorian Underworld' book too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery I was enjoying punk and dub. Bit of Augustus Pablo and PiL - can't beat it!
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