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Chapter -The Meaning of Mod - Dick Hebdige Page 94 I understand some of it Cheers MoM, it keeps me brain working!
just for the 'ankle swinger' quote Page 148 Resistance Through Rituals - Youth Subcultures in post-war Britain (1976) Edited by Stuart Hall & Tony Jefferson. Hutchinson University Library 17-21 Conway St W1P 6JD There's loads of stuff in here, I'll post all the interesting bits as I find them.....
Wasn't the tartan thing started by Rod and The Faces, very early 70s, a bit before the glam thing? Did any of you originals ever have a feather cut? Great barnet that.....
Resistance Through Rituals -The Skinheads and the Magical Recovery of Community ()(1975) Click on photo of two Skins 'Page 98' I'll try and get hold of the book and post this chapter (and the Mod one) http://books.google.com/books/about/Resistance_Through_Rituals.html?id=2NhwJSlyxwsC
Yeah, ok mate, just had a look, point taken - He used to be a smart geezer then!Agree about Pretty Green Jason, over priced too, think they've (Gallagher and Weller) lost touch with their roots.
I think I know what you're getting at Roy - when I was 11 my mum was still buying my clothes!
Thanks Brownie! I'm gonna get that bloody Queenie and MoM some nice, ahem, grey hankies made up!With you all on the stud/pin - don't like a too flamboyant hanky 'arrangement' either, personally.Used to wear a tootal paisley scarf, knotted like a tie and pulled down a bit, showing off shirt - we thought it was very Steve Marriott, (probably more Paul Weller though)He's a well dressed chap, Weller, I reckon, this is the nearest he came to the Skin look I think - front...
^ That's got to be a diy job hasn't it? My sis in law and her mate used to cut each other's hair (neither was a hairdresser) in the 'short haired mod girl cut' - like Julie Driscoll's. She used to sellotape the feathery sides to her cheek at night in an attempt to make them flat! Pocket hanky is it then. Didn't know that 'square' was American. Even though 'hanky' reminds me of a snot-ridden cloth in the pocket of my grey school shorts! Great MoM - can we do anything?
Great, thanks chaps, knew you'd all know....you should write a book! (can't bloody wait for it)
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