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I know mate, sad innit?
Hot Pants by Mary Quant, 1971. Photograph: Archive Photos Fifty Years of Fashion - Valerie Steele Yale University Press New Haven and London 1997
Oddball: A Sherman can give you a very nice... edge.
Only joking with Queenie, got home at about one ish Sunday morning, thanks for all your concerns though:) Lovely flight jackets by the way.
Queenie, I got home this morning! Bleedin' nightmare...
Great to have met you all, thanks for having me. PS MoM is an icon. Getting some badges made up....
Would a Marks & Sparks Oxford shirt been 'acceptable' in the 60s? :hide:There was such a huge choice of Oxfords that you probably didn't need to go looking....?I really like 'em too, the collars/opened neck look great.
I'll be there all day Roy, but can't afford to stay over either. Looking forwards to seeing you all - it should be a laugh MoM - I have trouble using a bloody chair, let alone this new site...
Page 188 Good job RSG! wasn't around in 1969 then
Yes - the styles worn remind me of 'The Fenn St Gang' Great photo.
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