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Caption says 'Steve McQueen1968/69', looks great on him - I'd look like Rodney Trotter in it though Not 'skinhead' but very smart eh?
I've made the mistake of going out in new shoes - straight from the box. The buggers were crippling me so much that I walked home in my socks. I bet I'm not the only one
^ I was going to tell you to wee on them!
This will interest you Brownie, in the 'Mods!' book Richard Barnes, photo of The Scene club 1963, look at the graffiti behind the lad and girl cuddling......I know, I'm a sad man
Hello Roy - That's a Derek and Clive line isn't it?By the way, have we had 'Pinheads' as a pre-skin name?
^ (Steps forward) I'm Spartacus!
Appy polly loggies for bunging this in mid topic - this photo of 'The Birds' is from Ronnie Wood's autobiography, I think the date on the photo (circa 1963) is way out? 66/67 would you say? Like the geezers either side of Ronnie....
I had a camouflaged jacket once - put it down in the park, couldn't bleeding find it........
Hello everyone, welcome new members (Cue Sid James - 'Yahaahaa') Dhobi jacket/coat can anybody enlighten me? Late Mod pre Skinhead - can't really get that much info on the 'net. Any of you Originals own one/know anything about 'em? Oh, I've got one of those Ben Nevis Donkey Jackets - without the pvc shoulders too and I wear it at football (with a scarf around me wrist!) Great coat, much smarter without the pvc I reckon. Although some chump did think I was trying to...
Seriously MoM, what ideas have you for the cover?
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