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Thanks mate, I can't claim any credit though - I just post them
Here's some photo of chords Jason that I posted before. I didn't believe it when I heard that Skinheads wore them in the 60s ........ 'Like wot teachers wear? Give over..'
^ Hello mate
Caption says 1971. Is this suit more a fair example of the time? Sorry, had to bung these in! Made by Skyjump The shapes and colour of those Budgie jackets remind me of the decor in 'A Clockwork Orange' ! I remember family parties and it seemed that everyone was wearing them!
North? Yes, Edmonton Is that shoe/suit combination a wrong un then? The suit does look earlier and the shoes about right for the time? It does look 'awkward' tho...It's me bruv again Roy. Got his mates looking for photos too
Spot on! Skint!Are they Norwegians then? (I'll find out for sure for you) big double soled buggers aren't they?
Blimey, what have I missed? Hello all, more questions for the Old Firm - On the subject of Sta-prest, I have a few more photos (which I put in a safe place that I can't bleedin' well find) Anyway, one's dated '67 and shows; loafers, Sta-prest, Smedley style jersey (was the big brand 'Sabre' or something similar?) I didn't know Sta-prest were worn then (in '67), but apparently some Mods were wearing them even earlier? Anyone remember? Photo below is '71, now I remember...
I'm sorry Brownie - I missed that. Thanks mate
Great photo mate
Just writing this when you said it Jason! I think there's something very 'skinhead' about a lot of that uniform, or at least the smart casual aspect of it (I think Roy or Brownie has mentioned this before?) Great post from Brownie on the leather coats and Steptoe! (Did they cut the 'Es a wanker 'arold' when they are walking back from White City? some copies still have that line in it
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