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Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year everyone!
Yes, including my toe nails Queenie.......expect them in the post for your cheeky Vic'n'Bob Northern wit
Oh blimey no, my one's are el cheapo polyester MoM...but shhh...
Just googled it, that's the one! thanks I like Harrysgame's idea of a tie stud though.
^ I've seen lots of V-neck jumpers and cardis being worn in old photos, not many crew necks and I don't think I've ever seen a roll/polo neck jumper being worn by a Skinhead. I know Mods wore them, then Suedes, but Skins? There's some stories of people that were there , with a few mentions of Skinheads. Great little quote.... ' I personally came home with enough two bob bits (the price of a Pepsi) to buy three Ben Shermans - the ones in the woodgrain boxes and a Harrington. ' I had loads of those boxes as a kid, used to keep my Action Man stuff in them - didn't know that they were Ben Sherman boxes
Sorry to get away from the fascinating denim debate for a minute, but did you say 'hooped cricket caps' MoM?!I've heard about one mob wearing fezzes would you believe, but hooped cricket caps? That's brilliant!
MoM, you can get Tootal scarves in TK Maxx, they aren't silk though, polyester I'm afraid but for £7 !...I found a blue one with white polka dots and a blue paisley one. It's a bleedin' horrible shop but worth a look if you can stand it! On the subject of scarves, any old Mods remember the brief fad for wearing college scarves? I've seen a few old photos of them being worn, but I can't for the life of me remember if they were 'swinging London' types or Mods that had them...
Hello MoM -'67/'68 Those long collars again and we are pretty sure that's a 'crombie' (A heavy wool fitted overcoat anyway - is that what Mods used to call a 'car coat'? slightly shorter?)Was the film 'Bullitt' big with all lads/Skinheads or just a bit of a cult among the local boys?
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