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Great photo Noddy, any idea where/year?
Photo and text posted on 'The Mod Generation' website by Charles Murphy 'The cool dude with the square shades on is our Fitzy's big brother Edward, this one of the photos from the legendary "Frankie Vaughan And The Easterhouse Gangs" video in '68. They were called "The West Rebels" A cracking photo.' [VIDEOhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HdeKrF4vINc][/VIDEO]
Another great find, nice to see a playground with a 'Witch's hat' again Buttons - Thanks for posting the photos of your Harry Fenton shirt. I was pretty sure that I had one as a kid (from a charity shop in the 80s) and looking at your pics, it was too, the yellowy/mustard one as stated ...you could find tons of original stuff if you weren't too proud to rummage through rails in an Oxfam shop.
Great find mate.Scooters here, Just outside North London. The red bus routes terminated here and to go 'out' any further you had to get a 'green line' (less frequent). I've been told that scooters later on were functional, with none of the customising of the early 60s. Mick had a tatty old Li that he was really embarrassed about (used to leave it round his mate's house- not because it was such an eyesore, but because my dear old mum would worry herself sick if she knew...
Hello mate,I think Colin said it was Brixton, It jogged memories here, pretty sure that was correct, definitely 'other side of London'When I asked what the 'type' was, I only got 'American bomber jacket (brown) like Steve McQueen wore in 'The Great Escape'. (The epaulets were removed though) I reckon this was an A2....however I was informed that you could also get A1 bombers too, but personally preferred the 'collared' one.The 'suede jerkin' photo was this jacket (taken...
Hello Sssssnake, no, I wasn't at Skeggy in '69, my brother and his wife (in photos) were - I was only 5 unfortunately.
Roy - I don't believe this, just found out that's exactly what they did so I suppose this must of been a pre '69 trick? Locally, the lads got their BS's converted into short sleeves by taking them to 'Paul Jeffries' (like Burtons) . The sleeves didn't fall quite right apparently but it was a bit of oneupmanship. Not sure if this was Mod days though.Have to bow down to your terrific knowledge of shirts lads, had Brutus and Jaytex, so confused over which was which ,what was...
Butlins Skegness August '69 Arenal July '71 (Jaytex shirt, loud, cheap, poor quality summer wear..the rot had set in ) Summer '72 (The shirt is a Ben Sherman! The hair is Pat Jennings') A few local things I've discovered... Does anybody remember Jungle greens coming back in the early 70s? Van Heusen shirts being a big thing? Levi jackets were worn locally, not so much in '69 and not by the smartest lads. Some of the local boys would never even wear jeans, let...
Lovely coat
I've been trumped by a box of 'Weekend' ! Brilliant mate!
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