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Agree about the date on that one Brownie, I thought that when I first saw it - V neck, 'any white shirt' , tie and jeans, it's got to be '68 hasn't it? Bob or Buttons will tell us the month too. There's a picture of M-o-M wearing similar gear, he's at a demo. carrying a placard I think. Hello Cleav, welcome mate.
Excuse me just bunging these in, but they are very good. Seen these before? 1970/71 No other info. Some great posts lately, just catching up.
02:00 - Wot no cow horns?(Edit - Just saw what Aces said about bike racks....spot on mate!)Great find, the 5-a-side and dancing clip should be set to music.Found this photo at last, always makes me smile. (No info.)South East London Mod Clubs -Savoy Rooms mentioned M-o-Mhttp://transpont.blogspot.co.uk/2008/12/mods-in-south-london.html
Oh thank you very much Mr Mystery, now how am I gonna get this blue dye out of my sidies then?
From 'Ask Andy About Clothes' - 'There was a small outcropping of Sharpies in Glasgow, basically a sub group of smooths but with longer hair again and most outstandingly dyed sideburns in bright blue or red. Some of the younger workers in the railway works and corporation sported this look. White jeans were often worn (but not at their work - dirty hard jobs)' You know what? I believe it too
Thanks for posting the links ShortBackAndSides, I live in Cambridge and I haven't seen those photos before.That's the one M-o-M!
No mate, that's not one of our lot, I found that on another site, no other info. other than the year unfortunately.Great photos, the top Yarmouth one looks very similar to one of M.o.M's, same pose!In the bottom pic, to the left, there's a girl with white socks on. I know these were fashionable at the time, but would Skinhead girls have worn them?Apologies if we have talked about these before but I'm a pervy old git The b & w photo of the lad on the Lammy is all wrong -...
Nice cardy, 1968
Yes, I remember you saying that now Brownie - sorry, I'm going bleedin' mad
Gsvs5, well spotted, I missed that. Other than photos of those lads at The Wheel, I've never heard of (or seen) leather trim on denim before. How common was it? Drew a blank here.
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