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Were cufflinks a big thing in the 60s Roy? I always thought that they were? Some great pictures turning up again.
Great one GS
Mate, those photos are the b***ocks, great find, thanks for posting them - they could have been taken last week
Sorry, not monkey boot related but just found this photo -says '1970'
Monkey boots were worn here, pre-skin. I think the fella, extreme right is wearing them, this is '67. (The idea was probably pinched from another mob )
What year was the Bonnie & Clyde look Brownie? Did you wear those American college jumpers and cardigans with letters on them, like they wore in 'Happy Days' in your moddy stage Brownie? Any rough idea of when they were 'in'? If you wore them in your area that is
Great photo of the Hare Krishnas, where did you find that Roy? And as for the impressive detective work, bloody hell Just a silly thing, but the local Skinheads in this neck of the woods wore three piece suits, I don't know how 'usual' this was though and with them 'St Georges' (as MoM called them) arm garters to keep the sleeves just the right length. On the waistcoats they used to wear a fob watch, I've never heard of this before? Teds used to do it too didn't they? I...
Thanks Roy, love to, let me know when - it'll be a good laugh again.Hope the knee's ok Brownie, what did you do? Bloody greasers was it? Hello Bantam
What were those bloody awful, mid 70s jeans called, very lightweight denim, sky blue in colour with embroidery on the back pockets? Now, I had those! ('let down' a million times with white lines around the bottom of the leg too, cool eh?)
On the subject of boots and shoes, I've read on here, think it was a post by Roy, that his boots were not 'bulled' in the 60s and that any type were acceptable (Army surplus/work boots etc.) Also that he wore his sta prest with a small turn up? I couldn't picture it, then I found this... (Present day skins look away ) Mods at Brighton April 1965 The fella on his own looks totally different to all the others, good lad. Top post Buttons
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