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Those are great photos Pressure Drop, thanks. Sorry to bung this in - just a quickie...Queenie or Brideshead...what's that zip up that Duffy (the one threatening) is wearing?
Or worse...Saying that, I like them too.
Whoops! Sorry, Bob and Terry were Geordies
Queenie, you've gone all 'Likely Lads' on us!
That's when the Cup Final is on Queenie, will that affect anyone?
'Margit' as me mum used to say
Hopefully he's better dressed
Great find again In Mick Farren's book 'Give the Anarchist a Cigarette' he mentions, if I remember rightly, 'acid-Mods' in the '67 West End Hippy clubs. These lads had short hair and wore Paisley patterned Mod cut suits and for a giggle they walked around inside clubs armed with water pistols (!) Even so, they acted as protection for the flowered powered clubbers when all and sundry wanted to have a go at them...This lot weren't your crew was it Brownie...? Quote from...
^ Beat me to it mate Roy - still searching for some photos of the elusive Ruperts, found plenty of late 70s/80s and present day Skins wearing them, some mid 70s flared versions but no early 70s pics. I've spoken to a few old lads who don't remember them at all? Prince of Wales certainly but nothing 'brighter' ? Is this another regional thing?
Hello mate, Butlins is a chain of 'holiday camps' in the UK, considered naff now but many people used to holiday there because they were relatively cheap and cheerful. My brother and his mates used to go frequently throughout the 60s, taking part in all the sports/competitions for a laugh. The main attraction was the disco every night , cheap beer and girls. They used to take a record player and have parties in the chalets afterwards too (bet that went down well )How's...
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