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That's the type of jacket, often with a 'Y' (for Yale) or another letter sewn on that Mods wore - so, I'm told (I can't find any photos though) Jumpers and cardis too.I only remember 70s/80s Rockabillies wearing things like that, two colours with the letters 'USA' stitched on, always liked them, would never have dared wear one though
I know we've spoken about Australian Sharpies before but I don't think these have been posted on here? Chris O'Hooligan and The Camberwell Junction Boys !970 Melbourne 1969 Melbourne 1972 Melbourne 1967 Edit - Sorry chaps, it took me so long to load these on, I didn't notice that I'd posted them slap bang in the middle of your chat
That was great reading, thanks Roy.' ....armed with air pistols..' How quaint (I hate to think what the kids are armed with these days)
Loempiavreter -Thank you for doing that, it looks fantastic, I'm going to print it off and send it to him....as for the colour of the suit, dark brown or black? I'm colour blind as buggery so it's probably green though! John - Funny that you should pick up on the fella with the braces in the photo, apparently he was locally the very first Mod, Skinhead (with a grade 1 too) and the first lad to grow his hair long and 'turn' smooth. When I mentioned ages ago that a few...
Carnaby Street 1968 When Skinheads dabble in LSD
I'd forgotten them! Welcome back MoM ! Queenie - Yes, that's it, '71, it's a checked bomber style jacket with black elasticated collar and cuffs? I wondered if it had a 'name' ? Sorry, I can't get a better picture of it.
Those are great photos Pressure Drop, thanks. Sorry to bung this in - just a quickie...Queenie or Brideshead...what's that zip up that Duffy (the one threatening) is wearing?
Or worse...Saying that, I like them too.
Whoops! Sorry, Bob and Terry were Geordies
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