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'......a banner on poles from Bolton, Lancashire..' :D
^ A great find Roy. After months of no new stuff, we get loads in a week. Should keep MoM and Queenie busy! I had an MA1 (but a copy) that was 'thin' and not 'puffy' like it should be. It was nylon/waterproof and slightly oily looking (tasty eh?) and was I believe from the early 70s. Ring any bells?
A few good little clips here......http://news.bbc.co.uk/panorama/hi/front_page/newsid_9349000/9349553.stm
Beaufoy School Boy. London 1970 By BrianDry Some great photos again, thanks for posting them.
Seriously Roy? Don't know if you're taking the gypsy's now.... I thought at first it was a girl's hat but maybe it's a floppy jungle/desert hat?
London 1966 -Yet another style monkey jacket Looking very similar to Sir Alf's - Mods wearing tracksuit tops (sorry) in the 60s?
Jagger for me too, but I know what you're saying about Farlowe. Steve Marriot, Steve Winwood and Rod - all great soul voices (even Tom Jones) all cool fellows too....perhaps not Tom though. I was named after the Fabs Queenie, Paul John - could just have easily been Ringo George Edited 3 times!
Got to go lads, the Fuehrer's just got back from Tescos and I should be painting.... ^ Great photo MoM, they look cracking together.
Behave yerself, I thought you looked uncannily like Eric Cantona
...and was it the same in your day - to get in, did a group of blokes have to split up and go in with a girl just to get past the bouncers? Great site that Manchesterbeat, thanks Ed.
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