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Great idea.I'm getting some badges made up with photos of the 'Iconic Originals' from this forum on, or maybe some coins like the Esso 1970 World Cup ones.....but then again they're still a bit handy and might give me a kicking in York
This hasn't been shown on telly too often - Panorama -The Mods Story 1964 It could be the big brothers of the lads in the 1969 Man Alive 'What's The Truth About Skinheads' documentary
Only singing Beatles lyrics to annoy you Queenie
'......a banner on poles from Bolton, Lancashire..' :D
^ A great find Roy. After months of no new stuff, we get loads in a week. Should keep MoM and Queenie busy! I had an MA1 (but a copy) that was 'thin' and not 'puffy' like it should be. It was nylon/waterproof and slightly oily looking (tasty eh?) and was I believe from the early 70s. Ring any bells?
A few good little clips here......
Beaufoy School Boy. London 1970 By BrianDry Some great photos again, thanks for posting them.
Seriously Roy? Don't know if you're taking the gypsy's now.... I thought at first it was a girl's hat but maybe it's a floppy jungle/desert hat?
London 1966 -Yet another style monkey jacket Looking very similar to Sir Alf's - Mods wearing tracksuit tops (sorry) in the 60s?
Jagger for me too, but I know what you're saying about Farlowe. Steve Marriot, Steve Winwood and Rod - all great soul voices (even Tom Jones) all cool fellows too....perhaps not Tom though. I was named after the Fabs Queenie, Paul John - could just have easily been Ringo George Edited 3 times!
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